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  • SAAS and Enterprise Level Applications Features & Advantages

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    Nowadays the Enterprise Level Apps are gaining more importance and the advantages are really outstanding. Enterprise level apps are basically Saas ( Software as a Service ) based. SAAS based application provides the advantage of combination of various services under a single platform.

    SAAS or Software as a Service is the easiest and uncomplicated process to provide applications on internet. There is no hurdle of installing and maintaining software, just we can simply access it via the Internet, removing the tension of accessing complex software and hardware management.

    Many times SaaS applications are termed as Web-based software, on-demand software, or hosted software as because it is widely used in various web based applications. The name, SaaS applications run on a SaaS provider’s servers. The Service provider, providing the services manages access to the application, including security, availability, and performance. Providing access to multiple platforms under single roof.


    Few of the examples of SAAS based application are :

    • CRM Tools like Zoho CRM

    • Cloud Computing

    • Banking Services

    • Work Books

    • Google Apps

    • SalesForce


    Advantages of Enterprise Level Applications and SAAS based application :

    • With growing demand, the Enterprise Level applications serve a common platform where everything is maintained. Under the same platform you can manage your Vendors, Customers, Sales Person etc. under single platform.

    • There is no hurdle of pay-off i.e., no tension of maintain, buy, install or update, as SAAS has no software or hardware to buy, just you need internet connection for accessing the features.

    • Data Normalization is prevalent here. Everything is maintained under a single platform with central database, which makes a user easy to access from anywhere.

    • SAAS favours multitenant architecture i.e., all users access the same common infrastructure and code base.

    • SAAS application are easy customizable. As the Database is centralized, all the activities are dynamic maintained in different steps and also the customization is related to each individual users which they can do it with ease.

    • Easy to use as SAAS application feature is wireless, just you need a internet connectivity which you can access the feature from anywhere anytime.

    • The main advantage of the SAAS application it provides top security as compared to traditional software application. Let’s say you are accessing workbook where two geographically separate Data Centers containing the IT Infrastructure to deliver applications are maintained. For instance, in a bad scenario if in one of the center the service is interrupted, the application can continue providing its services located in the other data center.

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