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  • SQL Select Statement

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    SQL query is used to retrieve selected row or column from the database based on the given condition . It is also used to retrieve data from a table in database .
    Syntax ->

     Select expression from table_Name where clause ;  // Expression indicate that column , which we want to retrieve 

    Optional Clause in Select Statement
    Where clause -> Using this clause we can retrieve specified rows or columns .
    Group By clause -> It is used to Group the elements and arranged them based on the specified condition and get the aggregate result .
    Having clause -> It is used to select the group which come from the Group By clause .
    Order By clause -> Used to get the data from which order either by increasing or decreasing .

    **Student_name**       **Student_Age**      **Student_Id**
       Mukesh                  23                       1
        Ayush                  24                       2
        Ravi                   25                       3

    Now , Suppose you want to select all the name from table student

    Select student_name from student ; // sql is not case sensitive so Select can be select also 

    Output -> Mukesh Ayush Ravi
    Now if you want to select student age also then

    select Student_name , Student_Age from student ; 

    Now if you want to select any specified column then you can do with the clauses i.e where , Group By , Having ect .

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