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  • SQL Server : Use of sysobjects table

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    SQL Server sysobjects Table contains one row for each object created. In other words, it has a row for every constraint, default, log, stored procedure etc in the database.The two columns most useful in this table are and sysobjects.xtype.

    C: Check constraint

    D: Default constraint

    F: Foreign Key constraint

    L: Log

    P: Stored procedure

    PK: Primary Key constraint

    S: System table

    TR: Trigger

    RF: Replication Filter stored procedure

    U: User table

    UQ: Unique constraint

    V: View

    X: Extended stored procedure

    In the case of triggers, three other columns needed to identify the type of trigger are: deltrig, instrig, and uptrig.

    Using the below query we can get the list all objects of any type :

    SELECT * FROM sysobjects WHERE xtype = <type to search>

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