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  • SQL Server Management Data Warehouse (MDW)

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    Management Data warehouse is a database containing a warehouse of data useful for managing SQL Server. Ensuring the excellent and high performance for all the users and customers is a high priority for Database Administrators. Troubleshooting SQL Server performance problems is a common and often frustrating task for Database Administrator. With the introduction of Management Data Warehouse (MDW) it has changed the environment by allowing continuous performance monitoring of thousands of performance counters with little effort or performance impact in return.

    The main components are:

    • The Data Collector

      It is a system used for automatically collecting the performance data about SQL Server.

    • The MDW Database

      It is a place or database where all the performance data is stored.

    • The MDW Reports

      These are the Ready made interactive reports for easily reviewing the data.

    Using a basic configuration of the MDW enables a DBA to perform tasks such as:

    • Proactive Tuning
    • Historical Query Analysis
    • Performance Baselining
    • Database Growth Forecasting
    • Storage Planning

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