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  • SQL Tutorial -> Sql Distinct

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    <-- Chapter 3: SQL Select

    Chapter 4

    SQL District

    SQL District : District is a keyword which is used to fetch unique column values from database table OR we can simply say that ignores the column duplicate values. Syntax for district keyword is used below :-

    SELECT DISTINCT columnname 
    FROM tablename;

    Lets take an example, we have a database table "employees" below :-

    employee_id name code designation salary
    101 ABC E-101 Engineer 12000
    102 DEF E-102 Doctor 8000
    103 GHI E-103 Software Developer 8000
    104 JKL E-104 CEO 12000
    105 MNO E-105 Software Developer 100000

    Now we will use district keyword here to get employee records with unique salary.

    SELECT DISTINCT `salary`
    FROM `employees`;

    Now Run this Query, we will see the output below :-


    We can see the unique salary i.e unique column values in the above Output.

    Chapter 5: SQL Where -->

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