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  • Selenium Webdriver methods

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    To perform operation on web browser and with web element (Ex: URL, Title, buttons, links,check box, edit boxes, radio buttons etc) Webdriver provides many methods(Ex: URL, Title, buttons, links,check box, edit boxes, radio buttons etc).


    • There are some common methods which are generally used on eclipse.
    • When we enter driver in eclipse and click on space bar, we get  all the below methods on screen.


    1. get()
    2. getCurrentUrl();
    3. getTitle()
    4. getPageSource()
    5. findElements()
    6. findElement()
    7. close()
    8. quit()

    get(url): It will launch specified URL in the browser window.
    syntax: driver.get(url)
    Example: driver.get("")


    getCurrentUrl() : It will return a string representing the current URL of the page which is loaded in browser.
    syntax: getCurrentUrl()
    Example: driver.getcurrentUrl();


    getTitle(): It will be return the title of the current webpage.
    Syntax: getTitle()
    Example: driver.getTitle();


    getPageSource(): It will return the HTML page source of current web page.
    Syntax: getPageSource()
    Example: driver.getPageSource();


    findElements(): It will return  all the elements or an empty list if nothing matches withing the page.
    Syntax: findElements(By by)
    Example: driver.findElements(By.xpath("//");


    findElement(): It will return first matching element using the given method  or throw the exception if no matching elements found
    Syntax: WebElement findElement(By by)
    Example: driver.findElement(By.xpath("//");


    close(): It will close only current focused window.
    Example: driver.close();


    quit(): It will close all the windows which are opened by webdriver
    Example: driver.quit();


    Navigation methods:

    navigate().to()method: It will launch the webpage in current window.

    navigate().back()method : Suppose used has opened multiple web page page A, Page B and Page C. If user wants to return his previously opened page then he will use this method to navigate to back.

    navigate().forward()method: Its is same as clicking on forward button on browser. It moves the single item forward in browser history.

    navigate().refresh() method: It refresh the current webpage
    Example: driver.get("");


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