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  • The Benefits of Content Blogger Outreach For Your Business

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    If you’re looking for better ways to improve your business - especially your branding and appeal to your audience - you’re likely going to observe better marketing methods from efficient angles. If you’ve stumbled across blogger outreach and raised an eyebrow in confusion, you’re not exactly alone. A lot of people who’ve heard of blogger outreach for the first time might find themselves doubting just how blogger outreach can help businesses achieve better returns. However, if there’s anything this article would help you see, it’s that blogger outreach can indeed give you the boost you need to achieve your company goals.


    Blogging And Businesses: How Do They Fit



    It’s perhaps important to understand at this point that blogging remains to be quite the popular medium not just for consumers, but marketers alike. In fact, one might want to consider going into blogging when 81-percent of online consumers in the United States alone consider blogs as trusted sources of information. Companies that blog, too, potentially can get twice as much email marketing traffic and those who write more than 50 blogs can potentially increase blog traffic by as much as 30-percent.


    Perhaps another appealing factor when it comes to blogging in general is that all these benefits can be potentially reaped with quite the low cost. In fact, marketers in business-to-business enterprises said blogging as a lead generation method is much more cost-effective compared to other traditional methods. In fact, 82-percent of marketers who choose blogging as a platform for their brand receive much more positive returns from inbound marketing strategies.


    If you’ve gotten curious about just how exactly you can take blogging to the next level, perhaps you might want to consider blogger outreach.


    Blogger Outreach: Just What Is It?

    When one talks about blogger outreach, they couldn’t be blamed if they wonder just how helpful this process can be - when the entire point of marketing is for the brand to find ways to establish its presence in the community, right? Wouldn’t reaching out to blogs just mean brands are relying on them to do their entire marketing effort? Not necessarily - blogger outreach certainly deals with reaching out to blogs for better reach to their audiences, but it won’t replace your marketing strategy. Rather, it improves upon them:


    1.  Doing outreach allows you to tap into the communities and reach of influencers. Choosing the right bloggers to coordinate with can let you make sure the right market of people are talking about your business and brand, which can then give you a competitive edge when it comes to the kind of impact your products and services are making to the market.

    2.  Outreach is powerful primarily because influencers and bloggers can be anyone at all - from your neighbor, to a professor, to a popular celebrity. As bloggers mostly blog for their niches because of their invested interest in them, there’s a particular degree of sophistication involved in the creation of their content. Unlike conventional content marketing strategies, bloggers create their content over time - unlike other content marketers who mostly have to achieve a particular set of returns within a schedule.

    3.   Bloggers and influencers have a varying range of communities - from small communities to large followings, depending on the blogger and influencer involved. This affords a lot of room for flexibility in terms of compensation costs and other kinds of outreach these bloggers can do for you.

    4.  Blogs are extremely influential to buyers, as 31-percent of online shoppers appear to be influenced by content they read from blogs. Not only that, but 70-percent of online customers actually learn about brands via things such as blog posts and not an advertisement. In fact, 61-percent of consumers said they’re influenced to purchase products because of blogger recommendations. This means tapping into the right kind of blogger or influencer can drastically improve your sales.


    Blogger Outreach: Taking It To The Next Level



    Of course, just because bloggers and influencers have a high amount of reach and a good amount of followers don’t necessarily mean they’re capable of taking your branding to the next level. However, tapping into them properly can actually give you quite the sizable number of advantages that may make your marketing strategy more efficient:


    1.  You can build a more powerful, more well-known brand thanks to blogger outreach. This is especially helpful if you’re an up-and-coming small business or brand, as it can be quite the challenge to get people invested and interested in your products, services, and overall branding.

    2.   Getting your company - and its products and services - featured in a popular blog with a lot of followers in your niche can essentially get you hundreds if not thousands of potential leads and prospects everyday without having to manually reach out to them.

    3.  Another obvious benefit of blogger outreach is gaining high quality links - as after all, having blogs feature your brand and linking back to your website means the link also carries the quality of the blog where it had come from. The better the quality of the link, the better the potential ranking you’d get.

    4.   Maintaining a good relationship with blogs and influencers also means you have a good list of long-term “companions” you can tap whenever you need something for your SEO campaign.


    The Takeaway: Activate Business Potential With Outreach

    If you’re a businessman or a website owner with an eye for innovation, it’s likely that you’ve considered blogger outreach as a means to expand. Of course, one might hesitate to fully pursue blogger outreach given the kind of time and resources that must be expended in order to even attempt to reap its many benefits. Interestingly, if there’s anything the above would share, it’s that the returns for blogger outreach can actually make the process worth the shot. Hopefully, this article on the benefits of blogger outreach for your business can give you a better insight towards what to expect should you pursue blogger outreach as a full-time strategy for your marketing endeavors.

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