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  • Top 10 Must-Have Apps For Bloggers

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    Whether you like to write from time to time, you're thinking about opening your own blog, or you are a full-time blogger already, we are sure it won't hurt if we give you some useful free blogging apps that will make your life easier when it comes to writing. Each day we are blessed with technology and how it makes everything simpler, and today we want to share with you some of what we consider the best blog writing apps if you want to dedicate to blogging.



    1. WordPress

    This app is at the top of the list because it's one of the main blogging platforms. This application is very practical, not so much to publish entries but to manage the posts already published.


    It has a very successful user interface, and it's really surprising how complete it is, you can use it every day to make corrections, view statistics, approve comments, etc.


    2. Pexels

    The perfect app to have royalty-free photos available 24 hours a day. In case you need a beautiful and quality photo for your blog, this is the perfect app for it.


    Pexels is a bank of royalty-free images in which users give their authorship to anyone who wants to use them. They are incredible photos with excellent quality, perfect for your posts in case you don't have images to decorate your blog post.


    3. Trello

    Trello is an application that allows us to create task lists. When we work on a blog of our own, with a team, or we are simply part of a team, Trello can be very useful to write down ideas that can improve the blog or ideas of new articles to publish. Other editors can add new ideas, or use the ones already on the list to write the articles. In case your creativeness isn't at the top of its game right now, and you're wondering "can I pay someone to write my paper?" The answer is yes! There are many websites that can help you accomplish your articles or papers.


    4. Lightroom

    Lightroom allows you to edit files quickly and intuitively through your app. You'll make your photos look like they are taken by a professional camera. It has several tools already present within the application.


    5. Evernote

    It's very similar to Trello, a task organizer. However, both apps have their differences. It is a matter of trying and deciding which one you feel most comfortable with. In both cases, you can create lists of tasks to be performed in order to visualize your goals and be able to carry them out in a specific time.


    6. Hootsuite

    If you have a blog, or you're a blog editor, you have to be active in social media to get more dissemination of your articles. Hootsuite is the most useful blogger app to manage the many blog profiles as well as personal profiles on social networks.


    7. Google Analytics

    It's another one of the apps that shouldn't be missing in your phone. It allows you to keep track of a large amount of statistical data about the flow and the different types of conversions that take place in your blog, and it's available for pc or for your phone mobile. The data you see is in real time, and you can easily share it, which facilitates group work.


    8. Blogger

    If you are going to create a new blog, Blogger is a great option for you. The best of all is that this app is from Google, so the chances of good positioning of this blog will be greater than if you opt for another platform. If you already have a blog that uses Blogger as a platform, then it is very clear that this one is the best option.


    9. Feedly

    Any news editor has to be able to find the news people can write about. It is essential to have a feed reader and a feed base with a large number of blogs and sources. The best application to manage all the articles that are published daily in these blogs is Feedly. It replaced Google Reader, and it's very unlikely to find any other service of this level.


    10. IFTTT

    This application, whose name corresponds to the acronym of "If This, Then That", allows communication between applications such as Instagram and Gmail. So, for example, you can configure it so that the images you post on Instagram are automatically stored in Dropbox. There are many other options for connections between apps. Take a look, and you will surely find interesting alternatives that will facilitate processes and save you time.


    Top 10 Must-Have Apps For Bloggers

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