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  • Top 10 PHP Tools for Web App Development

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    Top 10 PHP Tools for Web App Development


    PHP is a scripting language is derived from C and C++, the syntax of PHP is similar to C++ and it supports object-oriented applications. So, developers find it easy to learn and create websites. The PHP built websites can be integrated with online database languages like MYSQL. Well, it can run on Unix and Windows OS as well.  Despite there are many open source languages out there, PHP is always special and provides powerful library support where the PHP community maintains a group of PHP developers.


    As it is a powerful open source software, it can run almost on various platforms.  So, the user can easily run the source code on all operating systems. Moreover, PHP hosting service providers can be seen. Unlike the sites that are built in HTML, you can implement complex features by establishing a connection with the database through PHP files without even copying the source code. PHP becomes popular day-by-day and which is why developer encourages its new version like PHP4, PHP 5 etc. However, there is some major difference between them. If you want to create your own websites, you can opt for good PHP tools


    Here are the top 10 PHP tools that are worth to use in your web applications.


    1. Debug Bat

    Debug Bar is an open source application that can be integrated into a PHP file. It is independent and can run on any software. The module is derived from javascript and hence it has generic data collectors and library support. It has Dev tools and supports Ajax request.


    2. Monsta FTP

    It is an open source Ajax application that can help you access the FTP files anywhere. With the Monsta FTP, you can drag and drop your files into your browser anytime and can watch it later. It supports on-screen file editing. Since it supports multiple languages, it is released under the GNU License.


    3. Phalcon PHP

    This web framework is derived from C extension that provides excellent performance over GUI applications. As Phalcon PHP is written in C language, it goes well with GNU, Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows etc.  It is an easy and efficient PHP tool that is widely employed.


    4. CaseBox

    As an open source application, CaseBox works well with managing task, files, and records.  It provides a desktop-like interface that makes it easy to create a task plan with deadlines. To know more about this PHP tool, you can approach PHP Development services.


    5. Munee

    It has a powerful library that supports caching features. It can automatically combine script such as SCSS, LESS, CoffeeScript etc. It has a powerful library that supports the optimization of website assets.


    6. PHP Image Workshop

    It is also an open source tool that helps you modify images with PHP. The way PHP image workshop works similar to the photo editing software such as GIMP, Photoshop etc. whether it is resizing, cropping, rotating and even superimposing images, PHP Image Workshop works great.


    7. Sylius

    Sylius comes with the capacity of managing e-commerce stores of any size. It supports muti-gateway payment and processing library. As of now, it is the best and free e-commerce solution for PHP.


    8. PHP Smarty

    It generates PHP templates that are used to especially used to generate business logic from presentation layers. To create an engaging website with the best PHP tool, you can hire a PHP developer from the reputed company.


    9. Pico

    Pico is a popular CMS application that uses flat files as the database. Pico doesn't need complex web setup but it works instantly. You don't need to be an expert to use this Pico as it is easy to use & learn.  It uses the Twig templating engine that generates designs and web themes.


    10. PhpMyFAQ

    It is an efficient open-source F.A.Q application that has a huge number of value-added features in it. This powerful application is being monitored by a powerful admin who can view the stats and manage the entries. The user can either ask or answer questions under this section. This application provides ready to use FAQ page.

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