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  • Top 4 Advantages of React Native Development For Cross-Platform Apps

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    Cross-platform apps are basically apps that can be used easily across multiple operating systems. The apps have a single codebase making them convenient for tackling different business needs. Web development companies in India build apps that are accessible on different operating systems as users use them for different business needs.



    React Native, a popular cross-platform app development framework, was created by Facebook and stemmed from a hackathon held in 2013. It was created by the web developer community as a tool to combine the benefits of web development with agility and power. React Native utilizes different UI blocks to develop rich mobile apps for both Android and iOS using a common JavaScript codebase. Using React, developers can see their code and implementation in real-time on mobile screens next to each other.

    Benefits of React Native Development

    1.    Cost-effective

    For a business, using React Native to create smart cross-platform apps will save money. After developing one mobile app, the code can be reused by React Native developers while working on other platforms used for web development. This makes mobile up development using React Native 30% faster than before. It also allows for quick UI debugging.


    2.    Seamless and Interactive UI

    For web development companies in India, a lot of emphasis is put on UI/UX when using or making an app. React Native is a rather easy tool to use to create apps. The platform is full of features that enable you to come up with top quality apps that have smooth user interfaces. Using React Native enables you to benefit from customer reach and this easily translates into more sales and boost your companies promotion.


    3.    Performance benefits

    By using React Native, developers can easily copy a large chunk of code from one platform to another. This code easily integrates into a new platform, thus reducing the number of bugs a developer would have to deal with. React Native apps deliver as good a performance as natively developed applications. Actually, your users will not be able to tell which app was natively built and which was developed using React Native.


    4.    Open Source

    React Native is an open source platform, which makes it easily accessible to mobile developers. As a result, app creators can have reliable and easy access to tools and technologies they need to create efficient and reliable apps.



    Some of the best cross-platform apps have been created by React Native. Using React Native, developers can easily build smart apps. They can also test their apps more easily without too much consideration on the budget or cost because it saves on both. This makes it an ideal platform for prototyping, allowing for faster development and release of an app working on both Android and iOS platforms concurrently. The best part is that React Native allows developers to do this without sacrificing on quality.

    Top 4 Advantages of React Native Development For Cross-Platform Apps

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