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  • Top 8 Best Zuobox Games for IOS/ Android

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    Do you think that it matters if you have an iPad, iPhone, or an android phone? Yes, if you want to play games on it, then it matters. Many games are only made for iOS and known as free iOS games but some of them are made for both android and iOS.

    These days, people are spending their time playing games whether it is supported by android or iOS or both. To have top Zuobox games for iOS/Android, you can check out these below-mentioned games. 

    8 Top Zuobox Games to Spend the Time

    Here is a curated list of 8 latest android games that also supports iOS will help you to double your fun. This list includes Super Ludo, Super Chess, Super call break, Super snake & Ladder, Latest Rummy, Latest Jump, crossing Gaps Hero, and helical Jump game.

    1. Super Ludo

    This is one of the super games that can be found in the one super game app on smartphones. This super Ludo game can be played with 2 or 4 players as it depends on you. You can select the option of playing against your friends, against the computer, or even against the people anywhere in the world as it provides 4 tokens to every player. These tokens require a full turn of the board and continue it to the finish line. In this, Game controls should be set for playing mode as per the user. These latest android games have both online and offline modes for the user.

    2. Super Snake & Ladder

    Snake & ladder has enthralled us and many generations as we are playing it for a very long time. This is played by all age groups but with the time, it has gone through a few changes. People who want to play indoor games, this is the best option for them. It is one of the best latest android games. It involves four layouts and a dice option when the user reaches 100th square, he wins. The list of player’s scores is also available in the game.  

    3. Latest Rummy

    This latest game is a final version of the Indian card game Rummy online. In this, the players try to create card sequences and sets. This old-time game has accepted the modern trend and entered as social media recognition in the field. It has stunning graphics and provides an exciting gaming experience. To win this game, the user should have good rational and analytical skills. This game will help to enhance decision-making power, consistency, and strategic moves with logical reasoning. It has three types- Classic rummy game, Deals rummy, and Bet rummy.    

    4. Super Chess

    An amazing go-to app for the chess lover or addicted is a super game- an online gaming platform as it includes super chess. This online gaming platform has impressed many people worldwide in the gaming industry and present, it has various members. The latest android games are useful for all kinds of users who are looking for quality mind games on the internet. This chess game contains all stages of mind-thinking and users can play with a system or device or with other players.  

    5. Latest Jump

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    This game gives the user the experience of joy and enthrallment. This game is one of the most challenging latest android games ever. It is easy to play and addictive as many player binges play this free jump game. It is the most amazing jumping game ever with having impressive video and audio. You can also pay it without the internet as it is also available in offline mode. It is a kind of enthralling arcade game that is easy to learn and play. It will also help you to improve eye and hand coordination.

    6. Super call break

    It is known as free android games as it doesn’t charge anything from the user to play or download it and it comes under the super games. In this, the first dealer and players assembling direction are selected before the first round. It begins with the game player to the right of the dealer and continues it anti-clockwise. The figures for call break imply the number of the round that the call break undertakes for winning in which the highest call is 12 and lowest is 1. Each player should have 1. The goal is to create minimum hands equal to the call. There will be 5 rounds and after the finale, runner ups and the winner will be announced as per the offline and online mode.   

    7. Crossing Gaps Hero

    This game is a unique, impressive, and simple kind of game that you can play with anyone. It lies under the adventure game category in which a player has to complete the levels based on targeted places. like all the other latest mobile games, it also has an attractive app user interface. In this, the player makes a bridge to another one and the distance between them has a burning river, and if you fall, you will be out. And, you have to save your lifeline to eliminate the monster.  

    8. Helical Jump Game 

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    App Store:


    It is another jumping game that comes under the latest android games for enjoyment purposes. You can download it without registering any information. It is a very simple game that is free available online, in which by touching your finger on the device’s screen, you can move the ball as per the balance. You can’t place the ball anywhere; you can only shake the screen and pillar to manage the ball. It has some rules such as- focus on the ball, mind the color strips, and gather the diamond for boosting the speed. It also has striking GUI and various levels of ball game along with fast-game experience.  


    Various people are addicted to online mobile games nowadays and they look for some free online mobile games first. There are many latest iOS games or android games that are freely available on Google Play Store, above we have mentioned 8 best android games developed by Zuobox that is India’s leading online mobile gaming app company. It will provide you services as per your need by the knowledgeable and trained developers. So, you can contact Zuobox for any kind of game development.

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