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  • WAN Connection Types

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    WAN stands for Wide Area Network. It is often used to cover a large geographical distance.

    Wan connection can be established in many ways. The commonly used WAN Connection Types are:

    Leased Line

    • Dedicated Line
    • Permanent connection for the destination
    • Used for short or long distance
    • Bandwidth is fixed
    • Availability is 24/7
    • Charges are fixed whether used or not
    • Uses analog circuits
    • Always same path is used for destination

    Circuit Switched

    • It is also used for short and medium distance
    • Bandwidth is fixed
    • Charges depend on usage of line
    • Also called as line on demand
    • Usually used for backup line
    • Connects at BRI port of router
    • ISDN and PSTN are examples.

    Packet switched

    • Used for medium or longer connections
    • Bandwidth is shared
    • Many virtual connections on one physical connection
    • Ex. Frame relay

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