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  • What are 7 Quick Ways to Promote a Mobile Application?

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    Mobile applications have become a basic part of today’s life. It gives a completely different experience for you. Building an app unlocks the door of a new world. After building it, you will see how it develops day by day or how it is driven away. The effect depends on how efficiently you use time and effort to market your app. So the problem is how to promote the mobile app. Here are the creative ways to guide you in promoting your app after developing from the app development companies into the market.



    1. Social Media


    Social media is a nice platform that can gain your apps popular if utilized properly. Copy and pasting a link is not sufficient to reach your goal. You should form an engaging, relevant, and readable captions.


    If you do so, then only users will think you click-worthy. Promoting through twitter is the soundest way to do this. Create a profile on Twitter and link it your app in the App Store to send out tweets. Usage of relevant hashtags is also crucial to reach the target audience and an enormous rush.


    2. App Store Optimization


    It is actually relative to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). ASO is fundamentally the process of improving your app’s visibility on app stores. In order to take your app to the top searches, it is essential to make some powerful actions.


    The fight is not going to be easy. In fact, it will get harder with each passing day. Hence, executing ASO strategy is one of the key things you require, in order to compete in this competition.


    3.Build a Community


    Get in touch with the customers who have acquired your application and request him/her to provide you with the feedback. One of the techniques you can rise the positions in the App Store is to just have extra feedbacks than others in your speciality.


    Moreover, you can form a community of your own. It helps you to concern your app better, as well as successful. Add those members who have previously obtained your app.


    4.Involve in Forums


    Forums have switched as a major platform to execute discussions. Hence, you can also join forums associated with your niche. You just need to sign up and entertain like an active participant. Try to add your app link in your signature section as per the guidelines of the forum

    Say For Instance If you are an app development company in Dubai and want to promote your client app, then target that app link through a keyword related to that app.


    The users that are the member of the discussion will try to find added information about you. Once you become a professional in your niche, the users will start thinking security about hitting those links.


    5.Press Release


    To reach more people, get your story distributed. Before approaching journalists, be sure that you have everything a journalist will need


    Your app summary guide which covers what your app is, how helpful it is and why you developed it.


    Screenshots which incorporate app screenshots and lifestyle pictures as much as possible.


    Design portfolio which encompasses all logo sizes, icon sizes, banners as many as possible.


    6. Eye-catching profile


    The app description is really significant in terms of app store optimization and user experience. Determine the app store visitors what your app is about and highlight its main abilities. The same method should be implemented in the icon design. Try to make it simple, memorable and stylish. Think about Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest icons, simple and beautiful at the same time. Dynamic screenshots will also be a powerful point for your profile. Users are more likely to install an app when they already know what to anticipate from the interface and design.


    7. Promotional  video


    Let people take a stroll about your app with a short 30sec video. Display the main features, design and users’ value of your product in a compelling video and the world will be anxiously waiting for the release. Place your video on the website, share via social media or send it to mobile ad agencies for promotion. A good promo video will enhance your awareness and heat up the concern in your product.




    I hope you got some knowledge about the different ways to promote an application. If you want to develop an app then hire the top mobile app development company who have experience in ios app development, android app development or cross-platfromdevelopment because then can develop app with proper designs, functionalities, logo, & app description for promotional purpose.

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