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  • Why Should You Pick Ionic Framework For App Development?

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    Apps are here, they are there, he is using, she is using, they all are using and they all want to develop one for their own. The questions that bugs people is which platform to pick really, how to process, what to take care of, and what to avoid. These days the two platforms that are trending are Ionic and react native. Native was the only platform people used to trust at first but now with the perfection available in ionic, people have changed their mindset and diverging their trust towards that platform.


    If you are one of them, Kudos to that! If not, let me give you some of the strong reasons to believe that ionic framework is one of the best frameworks to choose for mobile app development.


    1) Free and Open Source

    One of the major cons of using open source is getting tangled with a framework which is open to breaking. But, not with ionic. Ionic is very much mature and stable, reliable and speedy, and more importantly, gives the app native like feel. We all know and agree development is an expensive thing and a costly framework would just shake your finances like a quake. But, ionic is for free and learning it is also easy. It’s just like designing a mobile web page which will run in an app format as well.


    2) Active Developers Community

    Learning a new framework and solving all the challenges along the road all by yourself is difficult. Ionic is built with top technologies like Angular and Cordova and have an active community of developers. Hence, as a developer, if you are stuck with some issue, you will have a blog post or a Quora question which will be having the answers you are looking for. So, with the ionic framework, you are never stuck with a situation with what next. There will be people showing you the directions.


    3) Support From Angular

    Well, Angular is a very popular framework used for building both mobile and web apps. Ionic makes use of the AngularJS for the app structure and makes the most of some of its features. It utilizes the HTML syntax extending for having components of app and data binding. This helps the developer to build a high performing ionic app.

    4) Cordova Plugins

    Plugins are a basically small piece of codes written in JavaScript format attached with your app which enables the app to function like a native app. Cordova plugins are like a boon for ionic apps. They give access to a plethora of features of OS like camera, logs, battery, pro-location, and many more.


    These plugins work great for uplifting the performance of the app and the process of adding them is also easy. The developer just needs to add a few codes during the development.  


    5) Code Once

    If you choose to build a native app, you will have to invest the time in learning both iOS and Android and also developing the same app in both the languages. It takes twice the time and twice the effort. In case of ionic, code just for once and you can run it across all the platforms. No writing the code twice, saves time, efforts, and money.


    6) Beautiful UI

    Well, hybrid apps have a curse and that’s ugly UI. This has been given a big break with ionic app development. The support from CSS and JavaScript allows the developer to have higher options for customization for color schemes, buttons, and menus. Hence, you can have a beautiful UI of the app even when you are choosing the hybrid over native.

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