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  • aggregrate function mysql

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    Aggregrate function is a function which returns single value by performing a calculation on a set of values.MySQL provides many aggregate functions such as AVG, COUNT, SUM, MIN, MAX, etc.

    MIN returns the smallest value in a given column

    SELECT MIN(marks) FROM result

    MAX returns the largest value in a given column

    SELECT MAX(marks) FROM result

    SUM returns the sum of the numeric values in a given column

      SELECT productCode,sum(priceEach * quantityOrdered) total
        FROM orderdetails GROUP by productCode

    AVG returns the average value of a given column

    SELECT AVG(marks) FROM result AVG(expression)

    COUNT returns the total number of values in a given column COUNT(*) returns the number of rows in a table

    COUNT(DISTINCT expression)


    SELECT COUNT(*) AS totalprice FROM pricetable

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