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Print multiple copies of an OpenERP OpenOffice report

Sometimes we require to print more than one copies of any report for example an invoice which may have two or three copies, one for customer, one for salesman and one for Accounts department or a payment voucher to be printed twice. I got the...

How to convert your report to rml in OpenERP

Converting any .sxw report file that we create using Open Office is very easy and useful for future usages, as it helps creating reports for our module. Follow the simple steps: Create your report and send to server, created

Using if else in OpenOffice Report

Printing any field on an OpenERP report on a conditional basis, you can add a simple line in your report [[(object.field == 'Some Value') and 'value1' or 'value2']] is equivalent to if object.field: print value1 else: print value2...

Summing a column in an OpenERP report

Its is very obvious that you would need reports in accounting where you are supposed to analyse the sales, refunds, and many more accounting documents, this means you would require maths functions too while creating OpenOffice reports for OpenERP...

How to create reports using Base Report Designer and OpenOffice in OpenErp

Creating reports in OpenErp using OpenOffice is the easiest way. Just need to follow simple steps: Download base_report_designer module from the web or Add to the addons and install the module. Open OpenOffice...
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