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Migrations in Rails: PART 1 - Introduction and Creating Tables

Migrations in rails are basically used for executing DDL (Data Definition Language) statements. The main tasks of migrations are: 1. Creating tables 2. Updating Schemas 3. Altering tables 4. Dropping tables Each migration works as a new ...

Adding, Removing or Changing a column through Active Records in Rails

While creating a web application we create models in our application which act as tables in the database. Sometimes when the development of the application moves further, the need arises to add a column to our existing table or removing a column ...

How to revert a particular migration in Rails

Rails provides us the concept of migrations. Migrations allows us to alter the schema of our database at any time after it has been created. It helps user by not letting him/her write the entire SQL query & it uses Ruby DSL(Domain Specific ...

Working with migration in Rails

Rails make use of ORM(Object-Relational Mapping) i.e a layer between your actual database and your model logic in the form of Active Record. As rails provide you with ORM in form of Active Record all the code that you need to write to interact wi...
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