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  • Reasons Why You Should Use Google+ for Online Marketing

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    Google Plus was launched on December 15, 2011. However, the Google social networking and sharing website had to face hard times initially. There was a buzz that it will replace Facebook, but it didn’t not happen. Facebook has a large database of 1.65 billion monthly active users, while Google+ has only 111 million active users. However, It kept on making significant changes to make its presence count in marketing. The efforts finally paid off and now, it the third most popular social networking and sharing site.


    • Google Plus Impact on search engine Ranking:


    Nowadays, SEO is the most important term in online marketing. Google can send social signals to major search engines ranking algorithm, and can improve ranking of  website in Google SERP, and in turn send large amount of organic and nice traffic to your site. Not many people know that posting and sharing on Google+ profile/ page of particular company can boost their visibility on Google SERP.




    • Brand Promotion on Google+:



    Google Plus is one of the most engaging social networking and sharing platforms. A study shows that Google Plus gives rise to twice the engagement that Twitter, since Twitter’s viewing lifetime is much lesser than Google+.


    • Google+ Users are financially more capable:

    This very interesting Fact from Source. I am not claiming that all of them are rich but avarage number of users on Google have more money than some of popular social networking service websites, like facebook and whatsapp etc.

    It is sensible to showcase your products and services to a place where average numbers have more money.


    You might have business on national and international level but you still need a Google Local business because it can direct various type organic client to your website. On the local search, it shows up right there in Google’s search engine SERP.


    • Google+ Communities

    Google Plus communities are the effective way to connect to your nice and target customer and make some stronger relationship with them. Google+ communities are similar to Facebook group. However, in Facebook, when you send a request to join many of the communities, they seek permission from one the admin. Unlike Facebook, Google+ communities allow to instantly join niche communities.




    • Google+ Events:

    Google+ allows us to target exactly the same target audience. One of the vital benefits of Google+ event compared to Facebook Event is, Google Plus Event can synchronize to other Google services. Like Gmail and Google calendar services.

    • Google+ Messaging Service:

    Google+ makes messaging service much easier compared to Facebook. In Google+, it’s a doddle to group various contact together. You can create different groups and send messages to targeted audience.

    • Conclusion:


    Google+ is indeed a Google’s product. Yes, the same Google whose mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. So, one must use the awesome product Known as Google+. If you like this blog,  don’t forget to follow this Google+ Page.

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