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  • 10 Best SEO Tips and Tricks to Build Quality Backlinks for Beginners

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    Backlinks are the links with which one website can visit another website just like incoming links to reach a web page. When a web page is linked to other web page, it is known as a backlink. Any web page with lots of backlinks tends to have higher rank on search engines, including google and all others.


    It is important to have backlinks from quality sites and those backlinks should be contextual. The goal should be to get links for your website from the authoritative and relevant websites. It is not the number of backlinks which affects or matters, but the quality of backlinks which should be the concern area. So you should be aware of the best SEO Tips to beat the competition in the market.


    Let us now learn a 10 Best SEO Techniques for Generating Backlinks


    1. Comment on do-follow blogs and make sure these blogs are relevant for your own blog. It might be that they do not carry much of link value, but this will still prove to be beneficial as in for overall profile links of your blog.
    2. We also consider Social bookmarking as backlinks and you should target following network: Google plus, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest to name a few.
    3. Blogging Communities are of great use. You can backlink with them by submitting your Blog Posts to them. It’s a great place to start a Blog Engage, Inbound.
    4. Write a mail to influencers who can write on the similar topics and inspire them that they share within their social network. You will never believe how much a sweet mail can make a difference.
    5. Make use of press releases and send a press release discussing about the important updates of your blog and it’s working. You can compare any of products from your niche and send about them as a press-release.
    6. Connect with your web designer and ask him to use your website in their portfolio as an example, they will most likely include a link back to your blog.
    7. Always have buttons like “spread the word” or “link to us” on your blog asking your readers to link to you with them- It is important to make it easy for them by putting your direct HTML code thereby using your desired anchor text.
    8. Do a weekly link love post and link it to many other bloggers, and they are most likely to return the favor. So get lucky and take advantage of outbound link SEO.
    9. Submit your images to image directories and including a link that redirects to your blog with copyright notice and caption it with a requirement to use it. For eg, an image with the title How to use Flickr to drive traffic through best SEO services .
    10. Compare different top products and link with them you webpage, and people are most likely link back to it. For eg: Compare a Mac with a PC.


    The above suggestions will help you improve your blog’s or website’s ranking get better in the search engine traffic and results.

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