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  • 10 Groundbreaking APIs for Your Customized Website

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    An API consists of the functions and procedures to access the features or data of an operating system, application, or another service. 

    Whether that's YouTube screening, Facebook posting, or purchasing something online from eCommerce websites, APIs have enabled our digital lives. 

    APIs are an integral part of programming and a powerful tool for custom website development. APIs are responsible for igniting a shift in programming practices. Moreover, APIs provide the best means to reuse the code. Also, in the process of digitization and eCommerce applications, they play a vital role.


    API for your Custom Website


    List of APIs for your Website: 

    The selection of the right APIs is the test of Dev's skills and expertise. A well documented and easy to integrate API's are the foremost requirement. Here are some of the paramount APIs which are most useful. They act as the best ingredient for developing custom websites.


    Google Maps visualizations are now working at the next level with the detailing of the tough locations. There is no other better API for tracking locations other than the Google Maps. The API is used on millions of websites. The Google map API act as a standard for location tracking. The developers use it as a toolbox and as a markup on the map. More advanced usage creates interactions between the front-end code and the map. You can click a search result and highlight the place on the map.



    IBM is offering its AI service through an API. The technology is called natural language processing (NLP) and developed by Watson, hence the name. The custom-built websites implement the same by using simple RESTful calls. The new version of the API can also be used for visual identification. The developers determine keywords in a block of text, extract relations and other data from any text, and even recognize faces or objects in photos. To bring the intelligence in your app, this NLP API is the appropriate solution. Rest the developers can focus on building some more intelligent features in their app.



    The FullContact API is again a famous API which is used to find out the backend information of the email address. It is useful to fetch the information of people at high profiles such as CEO.


    The service allows making use of the social media username and ID, or phone number. When you are having a custom-built website and providing a FullContact service for company data, you can get a kick start for your business by locating the right people to approach. Many startups take this API for flourishing in their business.



    Python development is growing rapidly, which is used in programming Anaconda API. Anaconda is a commonly used API used for custom-built offers access to 700+ packages which are providing various services. The API delivers controlling data science assets used to deliver high –end custom web development solutions. The projects having interactive data applications, live notebooks, and ML-models can effectively make use of this API.


    5. TWITTER

    The real-time Twitter Stream API to display new geolocated tweets are becoming a part of popular custom websites. Twitter API might be helpful for identifying new audiences, speeding up or eliminating a registration process.


    Twitter API can get you connected with millions of users. It delivers the best user experience. The API integrates your site to Twitter which has huge audiences.



    The Facebook icon is a must-have feature on the website. You can get in touch with more than 1 million audiences who can directly browse your website. The API is easy to install, and many developers incorporate it in different ways. Also, Facebook has its own natural language platform,, and mobile backend, Parse. 


    7. AMAZON S3

    As the size of your data grows, you need a reliable, scalable file system on the shared resources such as the cloud. Amazon S3 is a reliable and famous API used for data storage so that you can focus on building more useful websites.


    Amazon S3 API allows users to upload their storage bucket directly. There are options to provide features like replication and versioning of files. 
    With Amazon S3 API, you can run all the cloud computing-based applications. All you need to do is to improve the storage speed using object storage within the same data center.


    8. DROPBOX

    Dropbox uses 'drop-ins' to integrate applications with minimal code. The API is used when the store file is different from the user's files. Millions of people sync files across Dropbox's servers, making it an excellent API for file access. The API has become so useful that developers and users prefer to use it for data storage. Dropbox acts as a free custom tool for businesses to exchange data.


    9. STRIPE

    Stripe is required to collect payments online. Many of the startups are happy to use Stripe for transactions. Stripe has a simple interface to accept payments from customers. The API comes with incredible possibilities. By using web-hooks, custom-built websites can provide the option to users to automate communications and customer on-boarding.


    10. SLACK

    Slack API is used for the intercommunication in the organizations which allow you to transfer files and data at a much better speed. As the workflow of the organizations expands, they look for virtual applications. The slack chat and file transfer facility will make the working of the organizations easy. Slack supports GitHub and Travis and provides support to run customized web applications. The bot implementation becomes easy with the slack API. Of course, there are competitors who have built more advanced APIs, but slack is still the favorite of the managers. It has a simple interface system that can be integrated even with the mobile.


    Precautions for Incorporating API's

    Although most of the API's are available in ready to use format while integration the below-mentioned points should be considered:-

    a) Always opt for a complete API.
    b) Look into the documented details and make the changes in the programs as desired for the implementation of the API.
    c) Always check for the required plug-ins before running applications using API.
    d) Choose the quality API's to maintain meet the web standards.

    APIs are the Dev's best friend

    APIs empower applications and allow you to add more features to your custom-built websites. These APIs have an immense ability to add functionality to websites. Most of the above-discussed APIs are available for free. Once you implement the APIs, you can focus on developing custom web applications that can impress customers and leave a lasting impact on them. The APIs offer three key benefits.

    a) APIs allow customization in a proven framework

    b) APIs prevent reinvention of the wheel

    c) APIs allow you to use a framework of choice

    With the APIs implementation, the legacy application development techniques have been modified. A well-documented API can prove to be a game-changer for your business. So, let's start exploring and relying more on API based custom website development.

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