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  • 10 Professional White Label Marketing Tools for Digital Agencies

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    There are a lot of digital marketing tools out there that can help in anything from social media marketing management to complete web design. There are many tools that have been designed with white label functionality for agencies.


    White labeling is when a tool is produced by one company and given to third parties to rebrand as their own. These tools can be used by agencies to be more responsive and to provide better digital marketing services to their clients.


    With white label tools, business owners can use their own branding instead of the logo of their software. White label tools can help any white label digital marketing agency to scale without hiring additional personnel.


    Hence, this piece has been put together to enlist the top 9 professional white label marketing tools that every marketing agency must use.


    1. Sendy:

    First up on the list is a white label marketing tool called Sendy. This tool is sending emails, creating auto responders and setting up tracking and reporting. Hosted by Simple Email Service (SES), this is one of the most affordable white label marketing tools out there.


    If and when you use Sendy you can get access to all the features that one would get from using another email service, but at very fewer costs. This tool is very affordable to other email services and can help you in boosting your bottom line.


    2. Mautic:

    Send on the list of top white label marketing tools is Mautic. This complete marketing automation solution can be used for managing social media marketing campaigns.


    This can also be used to store and manage contacts, send emails and set up web forms. Everything you could possibly need to set up your marketing automation system is provided by Mautic. The only failing perhaps with this tool is that it takes quite some time to set up but it is worth the effort.


    3. SE Ranking:

    Next up on the list is SE Ranking which is a SEO platform designed specifically for white label marketing purposes. It is a very rich tool that can prove beneficial to just about anyone, right from an SEO agency to an independent webmaster.


    One can use this tool to set its own domains, without the need for hosting. One can use this tool to create accounts for clients while accessing a large number of customizable tools. This is one of the best white label SEO platforms out there and remains highly recommended for the same.



    If you are looking to offer full marketing solutions to your clients, then HubSpot is the way to go. Not only are they leaders of inbound marketing, HubSpot is also very effective in offering a wide range of sales and marketing solutions, including and especially marketing automation.


    It is a very powerful tool whose CRM supports sales and builds automated email workflows. If and when you use HubSpot, you will be able to have the sales and marketing tools you need on a single platform. The only failing of this tool is that the subscription plan with all the tools can be a little expensive.


    5. ShoutEm:

    Fifth on the list is ShoutEM which has been specifically designed to make mobile app development a whole lot easier. Even non-web developers and people without a background in HTML, can use this tool to build high-quality mobile apps.


    ShoutEM has a variety of starter templates that can be used by white label marketing agencies to create apps for iOS as well as Android. This infinitely rich tool has a lot of features and integrations which makes it very easy for clients to create new apps.


    6. Load Faster:

    Sixth on the list of top white label marketing tools is load faster. This tool has been specifically designed to help with site optimization. It is a very important tool because the speed of any website is very crucial to enhance the user experience of visitors. This tool is very easy to use.


    One just needs to enter a web domain into the system and the tool will tell the site's speed. The site will further identify problem areas and provide tips on how the speed of the site can be improved. That's not all, the team at Load Faster is also available to fix the problems that are slowing down the site or hampering its speed.


    7. White Shark:

    Next up on the list is White Shark which has been specifically designed for agencies who deal in white label PPC or local SEO. This tool provides valuable insights from Google products, such as AdWords and Analytics. It also provides all the tools necessary to manage full campaigns that can deliver the results. This powerful tool is highly recommended as it considerably boosts the marketing ROI.


    8. Sendible:

    This social media marketing management white label tool offers features like schedule posting, keyword monitoring and measurement. This tool offers solutions that you can use to customize the website domain name and the user interface that your customers will see.


    You can even get your native social media publisher account created with the help of this tool which means that even the posts of your clients will be branded with your company name.


    9. Synup:

    There are some tools that go beyond content creation, social media, lead generation and that's where Synup comes into the picture with reputation management. Reputation management is increasingly becoming more important for businesses in the white label segment, including and especially those businesses that spend a lot of time engaging with leads and customers via social media.


    This tool can help marketing agencies in controlling and managing their online presence, which is of paramount importance in today's day and age.


    10. Mention:

    Last on the list is Mention which is a white label social media management tool. This tool can help businesses in analyzing and reacting to conversations about their brand. This tool can be used to build brand awareness. Additionally, this tool can be used to engage new customers and improve one's online reputation.


    The Bottom Line

    There you have it. Those were the top 10 professional white label marketing tools that all digital marketing agencies must use. Such tools can help you in becoming a "full-spectrum" digital agency. The choice of tools which depends on the type of agency you run and the kind of clients you have, but some of the aforementioned tools can definitely help you out.

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