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  • 10 Steps to Generate Successful SEO Campaigns for Businesses

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    To generate successful SEO campaigns, you must consider many factors that go beyond traditional SEO work. Achieving better rankings in the search engines is never the only concern; SEO campaign can be quite good to drive traffic to the website from several sources, including but not limited to social media and mobile.


    Following are some of the factors to consider:


    Step 1 – Analysis of the current structure

    The basic idea behind this first step is that you should know the basic information about the website in order to make decisions. It includes:

    Website Platforms

    website design

    Traffic Sources


    Step 2 – Do SEO Audit

    It’s the starting point of your SEO campaign. The deliveries of SEO audit will become a plan map of your campaign. This audit will help you identify areas that require improvement in terms of optimization of off-page SEO.


    Step 3 – work on social media

    If the article was written before 2 or 3 years, then step 3 will be “Build Links.” Fortunately, things have changed and the focus is now shifting from building links to create a social media connection.


    Step 4 – work on local SEO optimization

    Most businesses have a website to promote their products or services in the local market, and sometimes all they want is a local optimization. Things like Google Maps; Google + for business, will generate more exposure to your website from the local market.


    Step 5 – Do your keyword research

    Relevant keywords are a very important part of an SEO campaign. There are several Digital marketing agency available that can be used to do the complete keyword research analysis. You can utilize the followings to analyze your keywords.

    • Google keyword tools
    • Search queries (from Google Webmaster tools)
    • Google auto-complete and related searches


    Best Tips to Generate Successful SEO Campaigns


    Step 6. Perform Opponent Analysis

    It is almost certain that there are a number of websites that offer the same products and services you do. Knowing your competitors online along with their reputation on the Internet can be useful when you map to establish your long-term plan.


    Step 7 – Set up your Content Strategy

    Content is the core of all the websites and having content strategy will make it easier to endorse your web site on search engines and social media. Depending on the type of website you are operating, you can produce the appropriate content strategy.


    Step 8 – Measure progress

    Successful campaigns really should have milestones and clear objectives and targets to achieve. The only way to make sure the targets is simply by measuring progress. The monthly progress reports are considered ideal for long-term campaigns and they can also be utilized to improve the pricing purposes.


    Step 9 – Check out the potential sources of traffic other than search engines

    As mentioned above in my blog, successful SEO campaigns are way beyond than traditional SEO and touch the limits of online advertising agency. This means that you will have to look into other areas such as email marketing, mobile marketing, Pay per click campaigns and in general ways to boost web traffic (besides search engine optimizations).


    Step 10 – Build relationships

    In the past one of the main and significant activities that people had to do as an SEO was to build links.


    As explained earlier that this has changed in favor of Social Media and what you have to do nowadays, is start making relationships. This is how the world works offline and this is how the World online is starting to work.



    An SEO campaign is not just about optimization. You need to start by finding out where you are now and where you want to be. Then you need to give greater emphasis on social media and search engine optimization, local and at the same time engaging in traditional keyword research and take look at what your main competitors do. You should always aim to build good quality content and keep your customers happy. Last but not least, you need to measure your progress on a regular basis.

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