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  • 3 Tips for Ecommerce Startups Business to Exponential Growth

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    E Commerce is the latest frontier to conquer for every aspiring entrepreneur these days. With so many financial services, banks and angel investors out there assisting people with a bright idea, getting the capital is not that difficult now as it was 1 or 2 decades ago. But the real task comes after you have started your business. A marketing/sales plan and applying it aptly is what you will have to achieve if you are looking to jump on the startup/e commerce bandwagon.


    Any startup or small business faces stern test in the form of fierce competition even before they have launched it. Rival firms keep a close eye on their upcoming competitors and even go to extreme lengths in hiring people to spy and get the inside knowledge about product and services they are coming up with. There are real-life stories in which a firm was hacked even before they started their business and their product was launched by another firm leaving them stranded in the middle of nowhere.


    While you can do your bit to keep your product or other strategies a secret, let me offer you 4 tips through which you can come up with some smart tactics to make your upcoming product prominent and familiar among your target market.


    1. A Contemporary and Trendy Website


    While you definitely need a website if you are launching an ecommerce venture, there are some aspects which are necessary to make it attractive for your prospective customers. You need to make sure people visiting your website stay longer on your homepage, so following are some tactics to make it happen.


    Attractive Design: Your website is your window to the outside world through which you will showcase your product or service to everyone. While it’s not necessary you decorate it like a candy store, you have to make an effort so that it looks good. The assistance from a renowned web design company will be handy in this regard.


    CTAs: Your home page must include several Call to Actions buttons and links so that your prospective customer will act right away towards buying it. Through smart taglines that are catchy enough to hook the attention of visitors, you need to ensure this is done on every page for maximum impact.


    Relevant Content: Your overall content including the text should make the people browsing your website sit back and notice it. Be precise and to the point as no one is interested in reading a long story about your product. Instead use Infographics, pictures, animation and short video to send your message across.


    2. Make it Viral


    If your product’s web page is not getting the traffic it deserves, you need to apply some tactic to make it happen. Most of people will go for a video or post to make it viral but there are other ways too. Some of them are:

    • Freebies: Offer something of value free to your visitors that they can download or view it right away. An eBook or Infographic is the best way through which you can make sure your potential customer will be interested in your product once he’ll know what it’s all about. It’s one of the best way to promote your product with no such marketing budget needed.
    • Free Trial: You can also offer a free, trial version of your product or service so that people interested in products like that will be inclined to use it. Once they will know that it is worth a try, only then they will be willing to shell out their hard earned money for buying it.
    • Sharing: If you are posting something like a blog or video on your website, make sure it is worth sharing. Don’t just create a mish-mash of a popular blog or try to mimic it. People are very knowledgeable these days and within seconds they’ll realize that your post is cheated. So, most probably, you’ll get dislikes instead of likes and this will leave a bad impression on your prospective customers.


    3. Social Media Marketing


    A strong social media presence is crucial these days. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter can give a big boost to your business as over a billion people use these sites in any given month. If you will apply precise tactics aimed strategically at your target market, you can fetch wonderful results. One basic reason why social media channels are used these days is because of the tremendous reach they offer.


    The Entire World is your Market: While you may focus on a small target market at the start of your business, potentially everyone interested in the product you are selling is your prospective customer no matter where in the world he resides as he can easily go to your website and order the product right away. So you need to be precise with your campaign and market aptly.


    Please share your thoughts about this blog or feedback by using the comments section below.


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