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  • 4 Apps That Can Make Managing Money for College Students Easy

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    You have recently joined college and suddenly you are facing challenges from paying bills, rents and other needs. Managing and keep a track of your finances can be really a challenging task. These 4 apps listed below will prove beneficial for every college student, to make it easy for them in managing their finances.


    1. Mint


    Mint is a beneficial app if you are looking for keeping a track of your finances. It helps to link your bank account with the app. All payments done and expenses incurred are automatically deducted from the account, giving a thorough image of the actual health of your budgets. A notification is mailed to your mobile as a gentle reminder of your expenses along with your current balance.


    Mint also provides a special feature with which all expenses can be organized separately in different categories like food, entertainment, party, etc. based on the necessities of a college student. If the student uses a credit card he will also be notified regarding the charges incurred and the actual amount to be paid.


    How it is beneficial for college students: As a  college student it will help keep a close watch on the actual state of the balance and thus help manage expenses and budget with ease and proper management.


    2. PayPal Mobile


    Do you wish to go out for partying, restaurant or for purchasing stationaries? But do you often run out of cash and are unable to know what to do? PayPal mobile application helps to bail you out of this trouble.


    With PayPal, transaction of any size can be carried out with ease. It can be used to make transactions online, for restaurants, bills etc.


    How it is beneficial for college students: For a college student who is often short of money, PayPal will help him at the time of need. With PayPal they can transfer money from one account to another as well as pay bills online with ease.


    3. LearnVest


    Just like Mint, Learnvest also helps to link your bank account with the app and help in managing your budget. It helps categorize your finances in separate folders like food, entertainment, rent, etc and also helps to create a folder of our own. With LearnVest you can set a budget for each folder and categorize according to essentials.


    How it is beneficial for college students: As a college student can manage his daily, weekly and monthly budget by adding them in separate folders. This will help them to know how much has to be spent where and how much is left after the budget.


    4. Slice


    Slice app makes managing your online purchases effectively. It helps to keep details of online purchase to receipts and shipping information. Every time an order is shipped a notification is send to your mobile and you need not worry when the package will be delivered. It also provides history details so that it can later be uploaded to the budget app.


    How it is beneficial for college students: You are off campus and have a shipment to be delivered. You are all anxious as to when the shipment will reach. You need not worry. Slice app helps to keep track of all online purchases with ease so as to upload it later on budgeting apps in order to track expenses.


    Author Bio


    The post is written by Aishwarya Raghunath. She is fond of writing articles, reading books and writing poems. She personally recommends Desi Hisab and you can download the same from Google play store.

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