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  • 4-Point Checklist to Enhanced Organic Click-Through Rates

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    A lot is going in the digital world. Google algorithms are continually evolving the whole scenario of search engine optimization and organic click-through rates. It’s essential for the online marketers to have a good grasp on SERPs positions coupled with SEO click-through rates.



    It’s a common perception that high ranking pages usually have high organic CTRs. But it’s not a thumb rule. Google’s new AI ranking system ‘Rank Brain’ based on machine learning has made it difficult to determine whether a high CTR could result in improved rankings or it's still based on search engine positions.    


    SEO rankings and CTR go hand in hand. Even if your web pages aren’t on the first page, you can have better click-through rates. For instance, one company invested in expensive SEO plan and reached the top position but visitors don’t find the website compelling and easygoing. It will impede the CTR progress and Google will eventually take it to some lower position.


    On the other hand, a company who selects any of the affordable SEO packages from a reliable resource can have higher CTR even if the web pages not ranked on top positions in SERPs. It’s mainly because of the seamless user experience that website offers to the visitors.


    High CTR means Higher Conversion Rate:

    If web pages no matter where they stand on SERPs (usually they fall in top ten positions) have high organic click-through rates tend to have boosted leads generation and hence increased conversion rates.


    Increasing your site’s CTR by two times is capable of increasing its conversion rate by 50% because for Rank Brain CTR is more critical than the SERPs rankings. But it doesn’t mean that you should not focus on improved page rankings.


    The best formula for increased revenue generation is to build a website with flawless user experience backed by strategically planned search engine optimization. If you have no clue how to improve the site rankings with accelerated click-through rates, then consult SEO experts who are professional and have years of experience.


    We have created a 4-point checklist using which you can give a significant boost to organic click-through rates. 


    1.     Detect Low-Pitch CTR Content:

    Get search analytics data (impressions, clicks, and CTR, etc.) from Google Search Console and plot a graph between organic rankings and organic click-through rates. You may find some of the pages/keywords falling below the average curve. You need to fix the content of these pages to increase the click rates. You can take it up to more than 5% as soon as you revise the content to the level that falls above the average curve.


    2.     Avoid Keywords Packed Titles:

    Keyword-focused title tags no more inspire the Google for boosted click-through rates. So, you need to dump the title formats with excessive keywords.


    Make your titles more persuasive and consumer-oriented that potential site users feel attracted to read and take action.


    3.     Relate with Audience Emotionally:

    Emotional hooks can do wonders for improving your CTR dramatically. People click like crazy to things they find relatable their life in any way. Look for their pain points and craft headlines from the perspective your target audience feel attracted.


    Use ‘power words’ and ‘emotional phrases’ to grab readers attention and magnet more clicks.


    4.     Use Listicle Titles:

    Researchers reveal that the numbered version compared to SEO-focused headings grows the click-through rates by more than 30%. For instead of writing ‘how to control website’s bounce rate,’ using ‘10 hacks to decrease the site’s bounce rate’ will not only make the title engaging but will bring improvement in CTR quotient.


    Last but not the least, do not forget to replace your generic URLs with clear and descriptive ones to get more organic clicks

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