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  • 5 Content Editing Tools Every Blogger Should Try

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    Academic writing is one of the most technical tasks that require the use of quality grammar which can help you produce quality content. It takes great efforts and someone's concentration to get a quality text where errors are fully minimized. At times maintaining total concentration while writing may be difficult to die to distractions in the working environment. You may try hard to focus on completing your content but you end up taking long hours to complete a simple assignment.


    However, there are writing tools recommended to help you produce quality content even when you find it difficult to maintain a total concentration on your work. These editing tools can help you overcome all in text errors such as spelling mistakes, poor punctuation and even use of poor phrases among other errors. Below are some of the best editing tools that can help you come up with a quality document.


    1. Gramarly

    You may have a quality storyline or a quality piece of writing but slight grammatical mistakes may make your writing be discredited. These grammatical errors may totally affect the quality of your content and as a result, make you disqualified for that particular assignment. Sometimes you may write and review your own work but this will not help you identify any mistakes in your content. You may also ask your friend or colleague to help you review the task but they may also be perfect in identifying every mistake in your Content.


    Grammarly is therefore meant to help you identify all errors no matter how slight you thought they may go unnoticed. In addition, Grammarly will also help you to frame and structure your sentences well. Grammarly is one of the easiest editing tools to use in improving the quality of your content. Furthermore, it only incurs you some little funds to access and use it.


    2. Copycrafter

    At times you may be given a task to prepare a speech, blog posts, course works or preparing a report and you could wonder on which tool will help you produce quality content. is there to help you get a perfectly written document and some neat work that will never let you feel unprofessional in your field. has professionals from different states including the USA that may also help you in getting all ideas concerning writing good content.


    This editing tool helps you to get a clear guideline on how to get some quality work in your writing task. In addition, provides proofreading services that aids in improving the standards of academic work. is one of the editing tools that will never fail you as it is fully equipped to ensure that every writer is fully accommodated and that their writing needs are well catered for.


    3. ProWritingAid

    This is another tool that aids in editing to enhance the quality of your work. Writers make mistakes that they may not be able to identify while writing and even after revisiting the content. Prewriting aid helps to highlight these mistakes that may appear to be of different categories including overusing of words, poor punctuation, grammatical errors, and even poor use of abstracts words. This editing tool is free, unlike other tools which charger some amount of fee to use it. What you need is to do is simply to upload your work on the Prewriting aid platform to help identify and correct all errors.


    4. Hemingway

    Hemingway is not a new editing tool for many writers and bloggers. This tool helps in correcting spelling errors and even the complex problems in writing without forgetting that it is capable of helping you use the correct writing tone in your text. It also helps to highlight cases where adverbs have to be used wrongly and also aids writers to know the number of words they have written because it has a counting tool. Hemingway also helps writers and bloggers in reframing a sentence to improve its readability.



    Copying and pasting someone's original work is one of the biggest crime for all writers. This may go to an extent of your work being canceled which may affect your leaning if you are a student. To avoid this, it is always advisable to pass your work through the plagiarism detector which will help you edit any copied parts of your content. The tool will make your work be original and avoid your website on which you are publishing the content from being penalized.


    Conclusively, it is always wise to make use of these editing tools to overcome issues to do with typing and other grammatical errors. Any writer can make a mistake as they try to draft their document and if such mistakes are not identified it may highly affect the quality of the text. Make use of these editing tools to improve the quality of your assignments.

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