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  • 5 Most Important Tips to all Amateur Web & Graphic Designer Artists

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     The article is dedicated to every creative business owners, who are passionate about improving themselves as an aspiring designer. Myself being in the business for 10 years, I understand what it takes to be better designer. Here I am sharing, my expertise, I gained over period of time. Specifically, I am going to share five most important tips to all amateur designers who are looking to be professional on any kinds of designing field.  

    1. Stop being copycat rather be creative 

    As a designer, success is booked, if you are creative in your work. The entire successful designer achieved name & fame because of their distinct and honest aesthetic. For e.g. Leonardo Da Vince. The name is enough to prove what I am saying.  There is no creativity in copying; rather the work would be much more complicated and frustrating if you mimic others. Designing needed a bit of creativeness, yes it is must have characteristics for every people who want to be the designer.  

    Rather than being busy in mimicking others and following trends; be creative in your work, sharpen your aesthetic. You are hired for graphic design work but not to mimic. 

    2. Good communication with client  

    Design means the art of conveying the message visually which the words would do to an audience. Having good communication with the client would help you understand what message they want to convey through design. So ask questions to your clients, brainstorm the questions before you actually start work.    

    3. Face constructive criticism  

    Design is something which is made to get people attention. You are hired for getting people engaged. You invest your time, energy and creativity for design and you’d develop an attachment.  When this attachment blocks you from receiving constructive criticism you’re in trouble. Facing constructive criticism helps you improve your design skills.  

    No one is perfect and you need to remember the profession you are in never is limited. So the best option for you would be never taking any criticism personally,  rather take every constructive criticism help improve your work or skill.  

    4. Educate your customers  

    You need to remember always your customers come to you because they know design is important but they don’t know about every aspect of design. So if you want them to understand your concept you must educate them about your concept for the design you have used.  Explain in simple terms and educate them the meaning of common design terms.  This would help them set their expectation.  Not only this but also this would help qualify your design expertise in front of clients. Moreover, it would build trust and good working relationship with your clients.  


    5. Continue learning  


    The field of design is dynamic. There is no limit towards it. Designing filed is like fashion that keeps on having new trends. Every year new trends are introduced like graphic design trends for 2017, web design trends for 2017 etc. The new software is introduced, tools are updated. So learning the field of design have no end point. This makes the designing field more fascinating than any other.  


    Keeping the things in mind you always need to keep yourself ready to learn design, stay updated with latest trends, fashion in design.  

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