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  • 5 Secrets to Make Content Writing Easy That Boost Lead Conversion

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    Guest Post


    Marketers know how, when, and where to distribute the promotional material, but can they write well enough? Well, they have to!


    Outsourcing is always possible, but the tasks of a marketer are not solely limited to planning and distribution. Sooner or later, you’ll need to respond to comments, think of catchy status updates, and craft infographic concepts. You’re a marketer and you’re good at those things. Now, it’s time to realize an inevitable fact: a good marketer needs to be a good writer, too.


    Fortunately, we have simple steps that will lead you in that direction.

    The Process of Creating Content Made Easy


    Before you can start with the creative writing process, you have to understand its purpose.? What does your target audience expect to see? How can you be different and better from the competition?

    Remember: you’re not writing that post, article or infographic because you have nothing else to do. You’re doing that to promote your campaign and make it more successful.


    With that in mind, you can proceed with the following steps:


    1. Planning the approach   

    2. Conducting an in-depth research

    3. Organizing the content format

    4. Writing

    5. Editing


    That’s it; 5 simple steps to success. Let’s see what you need to do to master each of them.


    Step 1: Planning the Approach


    Let’s say you’re trying to promote a website that sells fitness products. Your general idea is to show how healthy food and exercise makes people’s lifestyles better. That’s what every marketer in that niche is trying to achieve, but you’ll make that idea more specific by bringing it down to actions. Here are few tips that will get you there:


    • Check your general marketing plan for     the project. Is there a concept you haven’t covered yet? What are the most important goals you want to achieve? The plan is a great source of general ideas, which you can then specify.

    • If the idea generation process is difficult, it’s because you’re trying to grasp too much     information into a single post. To prevent that from occurring, you need to narrow down your focus. Pick a single aspect of the general idea you have in mind. Choose one question that you’ll answer in the post. That’s a nice foundation for a topic.

    • If you still can’t think of a nice     topic, look for a gap in the info that’s already available on the     web. Put yourself in the position of your audience: what answers would you like to get? Do not try to paraphrase content and topics from your competition. Your content should provide new value in the online community.


    Try these tools if you get stuck with the topic:


        Portent’s Content Idea Generator

        Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator        

        Blog Title Idea Generator


    Step 2: Choose Your Best Idea and Research


    The online world is full of information you can use. However, you need to rely on relevant and reliable sources when composing marketing content. Find quotes, statistics, newspaper stories, case studies, and articles from authoritative sources that support your main point.


    If you’re looking for scientific studies to back up your claims, Google Scholar is the right search engine to rely on. Don’t forget to keep track of all sources and reference them in the content you write.


    Step 3: Organizing the Format


    You have ideas and you have sources that support them. At this point, you need to organize them into a clean, readable format that will get people’s attention.


    Your post needs an introduction, body, and conclusion. It’s always recommended to organize it with multiple subheadings, which serve as breaks in between the chunks of text.


    Don’t forget to include a call to action at the end! You need to tell people what they should do next, so they will finish reading your post with a sense of urgency to take that action.

    Step 4: Writing the First Draft


    Your outline is the foundation of the post. Follow it, but don’t be afraid to stay flexible. If you think of a way to make the structure better, then update the outline and continue following it. Keep this in mind: you should stay focused on the main ideas.


    If you get stuck at any point of the process, get some time out. Relax and do something completely irrelevant to the post. Read a book, take a walk, or work on another project. Maybe random events will give you the inspiration to carry on with the post.


    If that doesn’t happen, there’s no other thing to do: you should think about outsourcing. Assignment Masters writing service is a great tool to count on. It connects you to professional writers with knowledge and experience in the niche relevant to your topic.


    Step 5: Make It Perfect!


    Don’t even think about publishing that first draft!


    Instead of following the hints of the grammar and spelling feature, try to approach it as a reader who doesn’t know anything about the topic. Do you notice any gaps in information? Fill them in! Do you notice excessive rambling? Cut it out!


    Hemingway Editor is a great tool that supports the editing process. It keeps your post within the limits of readability. Get rid of the sentences marked in red to make the content as comprehensive as possible.


    Congrats! You Have Content Ready to Be Published


    If you followed all these steps, you have a piece of marketing content you can safely publish on the web. Don’t forget to respond to the comments and promote the post in the best way possible. You’re a marketer; you already know how to do that!


    Author Bio:

    Kate Simpson is a freelance blogger having good expertise in writing, editing and content quality check. She is an avid writer, educator, career advisor, learner and music lover.


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