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  • 5 Tech Trends That Would Supercharge Education

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    Technological advancements are taking over the traditional ways of doing things and learning as well. There is a wide scope for technology to be used in field of education. Experts are of opinion that technology can help students learn and understand better. It is possible through technology to explain most complex to students with ease and creativity.


    Though technology products to be introduced in the field of education would require responsible teaching methods and including students with its various aspects it would revamp the teaching scenario in coming years. There are various advanced products currently introduced in the area and a few of them under study hold strong qualifications to be introduced. A few technological products that are currently used and few of them can be used technological products that can enlighten education field are:


    3D Printers


    3D printing would increase the scope of learning can be understood. But what would be the changes generally we don’t understand. A 3D printer would include the sense of touch along with visual ability for understanding all the aspects of study. An additional sense involvement while learning would stimulate learning ability.


    Schools in Bangalore are investing in 3D printers to help students develop learning abilities as well as help better understand aspects of their curriculum. The results or final images produced by 3D printers are stunning and woo every teacher. It would make complicated topics like science molecular structure and internal organs structure for example tad easy.


    Virtual Reality


    Teachers often complain that students do not use their imagination and fails to cope up with the aspects taught. Technological advancement of virtual reality has intervened here and developed a product that would give thoughts to the topics. Teachers can develop topic and ideas as they like and their students would be able to see what the concept is. Firms like Google, Samsung, HTC and Sony are actively working and have developed VR gears for their audience. To clip this gadget with education and its topic would be innovative idea to adopt for any school or teaching institute.


    Wearable Devices


    Wearable device is simply a device that can be worn by a student and educator as well that would keep student and teacher connected through cloud software. Wearable device would help students and teachers stay connected. It is an extension to IOT and can do wonders for both teachers and students. Wearable help teachers know the updates about any task assigned to student and monitor it easily. It is used by top 5 CBSE schools in Bangalore to increase teaching and learning experience.


    IoT or Internet of Things


    Internet of Things is a type of technology that would join different technological gadgets and help student and teachers access the information contained in them. IOT is not limited to gadget everything on internet can be connected through and made available to students and teachers. This would include different forms of data and information from their academic records to every assignment done. If this technology is creatively used for education students and parents would see a transformed world of studies. A few schools in Bangalore have tried to include it in their scope of studies for students.


    Interactive Gadgets


    How would it be if you can see your kid learning with help of a robot? A device that would help your kid virtually experiment with compounds? We may call it extraordinary but for students it would be a boon. They would be able to perform and understand most complicated concepts wit help of these interactive gadgets.


    Interactive gadgets are very helpful in teaching and exemplifying concepts to autistic and specially-abled children.


    These were few of the technological genius for students to help them study better and help teachers to teach better. These technological advancements would transform the field of education in the coming years literally.


    About the Author:


    Shivaram Reddy is professor researching in technological advancements to stimulate learning. He has helped many schools including top 5 CBSE schools in Bangalore to adopt various advanced gadgets and helped teachers use them creatively in supporting learning process.

    5 Tech Trends That Would Supercharge Education

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  • Well, that’s very exciting and scaring at the same time. “Black Mirror” fans understand what I’m talking about) Technology is developing so quickly and there’s no doubt that technology progress has numerous advantages but at the same time, there are many downfalls it can bring to our life. In any case, technological development is very helpful for education and there is no doubt that it can make studying much more effective for students. Kate from Briton Writers company.

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