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  • 5 Tips for Generating Leads with Video Marketing

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    In 2021, online videos make up over 82% of internet traffic, making it one of the most popular content on every platform. That being said, using video content is an effective way to spread the word about your brands.


    Marketers have used video content to promote their products. This approach is called video marketing strategy. It’s an excellent method to catch public attention and drive more engagement. 


    With many types of video marketing campaigns, you can implement different videos for various purposes. For example, explainer videos are great for generating leads as the video can hook the audience in a short time. 


    Not to mention, this type of marketing video is equipped with compelling narration that helps people understand the key message you're trying to convey. 


    There are many more different marketing videos you can use to upscale your marketing strategy. Whether you're working on increasing awareness about your brands or convincing people to buy your products, marketing videos are there to the rescue. 


    Here are some tips on video marketing strategies for generating leads. 


    1. Add videos on landing pages

    A landing page is vital for every company as it's used to convert visitors and nudge them to the sales funnel. Whether you're selling a product or service, landing pages are essential to showcase your product’s benefits. 


    Most of the time, a landing page includes a long, neverending text that describes a product or service's key features to potential customers. However, many people skip the clunky text because it takes time to understand the long information.


    Having a marketing video on your landing page makes it easier for visitors to learn more about your product in a few minutes. Rather than reading a plain explanation, watching a video is more attractive to them.


    2. Leverage social media with video content

    Having a social presence is vital for every business today as it helps build trust among people. With a social media account, you can also connect with potential customers easier. 


    However, keep in mind that visual content works better on social networks. Visually appealing content generates more engagement and drives more traffic than the other way round. Therefore, marketing videos are excellent for that purpose. 


    3. Include videos on email marketing campaigns

    Email marketing is still going strong. Many marketers use this strategy to effectively collect more leads. Since communication through email is considered intimate, using email marketing tactics will help a brand connect with potential customers more intensely.  


    However, an intriguing textual narration isn't enough to convince your recipients to visit your page. You need an engaging bait that leaves them to wonder and eventually urges them to check out your pages. 


    Videos are engaging content. By including a snippet from your marketing video, people will be more interested in clicking the link to your page. 


    4. Make gated content

    While it's quite risky, creating gated content is proven to be one of the most successful tactics to generate leads. With gated content, you make people curious about what they will get from you.


    Locking some of your content allows them to feel the urge to finish what they have started before. You can begin with providing a sample of video content as a hook to your following videos. 


    When people have started consuming the initial content, they will be more curious about the next one. Gate your video content with a form that will ask for visitors' email addresses. Ask them to fill out the email to get free videos. That's how you can generate more leads quickly.  


    5. Set a call to action

    Using marketing video means that you need to provide a copy within the content to hook your audience. This copy is called a call to action. 


    A call to action helps you guide your viewers to take action immediately. You can ask them to sign up or download your app with a clear call to action within your videos. 


    Having a call to action also allows you to receive a surge of website traffic. This gives you the opportunity to rank higher on the search engine. 



    Marketers have used video marketing strategies to improve businesses' performance. With a marketing video, business owners can effectively find and build an audience. Eventually, compelling video content will help you convert leads into customers. 


    There are many ways to use marketing videos. If you're aiming to generate leads, you may need to implement the tips above to get a better result. Good luck!





    Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order). 


    Twitter: @breadnbeyond



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