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  • 6 Reasons Angular Is The Best Fit For Responsive Web App Development

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    Websites continue to be the most constant source of lead generation and revenue earning for businesses. However, one thing the business owners have to understand today that the users have left behind the bigger devices and are mostly surfing the web using smartphones. And as the use of smartphones rises, the importance of a responsive web app rises with it. 


    When it comes to responsive web application development, the developers will always choose AngularJS. Even if they have better technology available, they are going to choose Angular, because of its ease of use, efficiency, simplicity and not to mention, the rich array of features and benefits that come with the framework. However, this is a vague description of why Angular is the best choice for developers to build the perfect responsive web apps. Below we are going to talk about 6 specific and detailed reasons why AngularJS is the better option for responsive web app design and development. 


    1. MVC Architecture

    The first and must feature that any responsive web application needs are MVC architecture. By dividing logic, process and UI design into different modules, the MVC structure makes it easier for the developers to build larger applications easily. The use of MVC in the Angular web development process makes development easier and more efficient.


    2. Developing Secure And Scalable Apps

    With AngularJS, the developers can not only develop a secure web application but a scalable one as well. Web apps are forever vulnerable to cyber-attacks, data security hacks, and many other security vulnerabilities. 


    The security of the responsive web app is one of the main concerns of the businesses out there. And the best part is that with Angularjs web development, the developers finally have the best weapon to answer these security concerns all the while making sure that the web application can grow and scale on its own. AngularJS offers a kind of security and scalability that no other framework can provide the developers with when building a responsive web application. 


    3. Code Reusability

    Another feature that makes the Javascript framework so compelling to the developers all around the world is the fact that codes written with AngularJS can be reused again. This keeps the developers enthusiastic and motivated about using Angular and write robust codes for web applications. 


    The reusable codes don’t only make for a faster app development process, but it also helps businesses to gain the kind of competitive advantage they need to succeed against their competitors. So if you want your business to turn into a massive success then make sure you hire the right company for Angularjs web app development. 


    4. Real-time Testing Of The Apps

    During development, it is important to optimize the performance and incorporate many changes they find necessary to enhance the performance of the app. This might seem like an easy task to do but in the case of an app that is difficult to test, finding out the issues might be tougher than it may seem. 


    One of the best services Angularjs web development does provide is the ability to test the apps as they are being built. Thanks to the dependency injection in AngularJS, it is easier for the developers to test the app in real-time while developing. This way they can overcome the challenge of testing and detecting issues with the app quite easily. In fact, AngularJS pays so much importance to the real-time testing that every step of development with Angular includes testing and issue detection. 


    5. Fast Development With Little Effort

    With code reusability, easy issue detection, and MVC structure, AngularJS is made to develop web applications faster with less effort. Since the dependencies on other modules are lessened, the developers can engage in parallel development. With the help of powerful features and dependency injections, addressing the real-time concerns of web development is extremely easy and less time consuming than before.


    6. Development Of Reliable Single Page Web Applications

    Last but not least, AngularJS is a perfect choice for developing a single-page web application that can reorganize the content and render the page size according to the various devices the users might be using to surf the website. The web apps developed with this platform supports all different device sizes and platforms. The superior UI design process along with free templates and modules, all are aimed at making the web applications favorite among the users. That is why it is the best framework for developing high performing single page web applications.



    And that’s about it. There are surely many other reasons why choosing AngularJS is a must for web application developers. The above-mentioned ones, however, the most specified ones. So if you are looking for Angularjs development for your business website, you can easily find a company for Angular web app development. Since it is a globally accepted and famous framework, you would not have any trouble finding an Angular js web development agency, whether you are in India or in the US. just make sure that you choose the right company. 

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