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  • 6 Unique Business Advertising Ideas

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    Whether you can afford to go all out in marketing campaigns or you have a minimal or limited budget, the possibilities for widespread exposure of your brand are limitless; you can get your message to your target audience by utilizing unique and powerful business advertising ideas.


    Ultimately, many businesses and organizations' goals are to get more customers and increase sales numbers; historically, advertising is one of the best business methods to reach this goal. If you have already implemented some advertising ideas to improve your brand awareness, or you’re looking for fresh ideas, check out some of these unique advertising suggestions.


    1. Advertise Through Digital Signage


    Advertising on digital signs has boomed in the field of advertising over the last decade. Digital signage is an advertising format that uses a controlled content distribution platform, played on one or several LCD screens or displays. Your digital advertisement could deliver your marketing content to anyone who passes these devices in their daily commute or social outings. 


    Digital signage screens are typically used for relaying different kinds of information like weather updates, news, menus, flights, calendars, adverts, and so on. Many businesses use this ad strategy because it’s a more effective way of capturing views than static displays, they catch attention faster than other media ads, and can lead to more impulsive purchases and higher growth for the company.


    2. Customer Loyalty Program


    Although this advertising gimmick is more conventional than contemporary, customer loyalty programs have evolved their models over the years and can be a great way to reward and motivate your loyal customers to keep coming back for your products and services. The best way to make this strategy work for you is to innovate and tweak the style and system to find an incentive that is creative and useful for your clients. Make sure your reward offerings add some type of value to your customers.


    Many businesses have been using a stamp or card system to keep track of offers such as every tenth coffee is free. Although this might be effective, you can think out of the box in implementing other means instead of a physical stamp system, perhaps making use of virtual coupons instead.


    3. Optimize For SEO


    Optimizing your SEO will allow you to optimize your web content for local searches and increase your prospects in your local area too. SEO optimization can help rank you higher up for local searches when people search for products similar to yours. SEO is always an effective tool for elevating the marketing potential of your brand. 


    Use a free SEO tool like Yoast to do some quick basic keyword searches, which can help boost your ranking in search engines. People nowadays automatically turn to the world wide web for any information or business searches, keep up by engaging with the right SEO strategies.


    4. Organize An Event


    Hosting an event is a creative way to advertise your company, products, services, and vision, and they don’t have to break the bank of your advertising budget. Think about innovative themed-events such as:

    • A party

    • A festival

    • A competition

    • An anniversary event

    • A workshop

    • A charity event

    • A seminars


    In modern times while people have been adjusting to the new normal during COVID-19, it's more acceptable to hold a virtual event and invite many participants. You can also combine your event with a promotional campaign, for example, giving rewards to attendees is one effective way to ensure that your event is well attended, and your business exposure is high.


    5. Create YouTube Ads


    YouTube is already one of the most popular and widely used platforms for advertisers worldwide. The Highest-paid YouTube stars have been dominating the platform and are making millions from advertising based on their high viewing numbers, this proves how much exposure your company can get by creating a short video advertisement on this platform. You might be surprised at how much impact YouTube advertisements can have on your business. 


    6. Start An Email Newsletter


    Email advertising is a strategy that is old but gold. If people on your email list have opted to receive your newsletter, it means they are interested in knowing more about your company. You have a chance to communicate with them directly, so use it to your advantage.


    Sending emails every now and then will help your company's retention of many of your email subscribers, and can help increase the chances of them reaching out to you when they do need or want your products and offerings. Stay creative with your email and newsletter contents and formats to keep your clientele interested and engaged. 



    Effective advertisements don’t necessarily require big spending. This list has proven how some advertising strategies can have a lot of impact without ridiculously high financial investments. 

    Try using these strategies together or separately to find which ones provide the biggest benefits to your business.

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