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  • 7 Digital Marketing Trends of 2018 for Business Growth That You Need To Know

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    In this ever changing world, we need to adapt to a lot of changes on a daily basis. Especially as marketers, people can see customer tastes, preferences, needs and wants changing at a rapid pace. In this highly digital age, it can be even harder to keep up with such ever changing customer needs and wants. The marketing world needs to constantly change, evolve and adapt to keep up with customer preferences.

    One of the most exciting parts about working in this industry is the constant new techs and new trends to keep up with, never allowing this job to become monotonous. However, it can be easy for certain opportunities to slip away from your hands. It can also be quite difficult at times to predict the future market trends which will manifest in the market in the near future.

    Digital Marketing Trends of 2018 You Should be Aware

    However, to keep you on your toes, yet ready to take on the new market of 2018, here are some of the top marketing trends of 2018 that you definitely need to know! :

    1.      Big data:

    Which big data has been a trend prevalent in the market for years now, this trend has mostly been confined to major players and big businesses only. However, currently, thanks to machine learning and AI, big data is going to be available to mid-sized and small-sized companies as well. As a company, it would be very hard for you to stay at the top of the competition if you don’t take advantage of the big data of customer points which are now easily available in the market

    2.      Non-visual experience:

    An unexpected turn took in 2017 when smart speakers blew up as a hot market trend. It is predicted that by the year 2022 smart speakers should be a common sight in 55% of US households. As people are getting more and more familiar with these interfaces, using them for daily activities and routines, the trend of smart speakers are rising steadily. Consumers are starting to get used to non-visual interfaces which work via voice commands only, and this should greatly affect marketers and their relationships with their customers.

    3.      App capitalization:

    In this modern era, we have an app at our fingertips for every need and want. However, some of the most common apps still are apps like maps, review apps and transportation apps. These apps are a strong real estate in which new companies can grow and gain profits. In 2018, more companies would start opting for app capitalization, as well as exposing themselves on popular apps to gain more visibility.

    4.      Native advertising:

    Traditional banner ads are slowly fading away into the background as native aps are taking the limelight. By the year 2021, native advertising would be the cause for a hike in 74% of all ad revenue. However, native ads are only useful when they are tailored to the custom preferences of certain audiences. In 2018, native ads and smart content for those native ads would become a big market trend which marketers should look out for.

    5.      Micro-moments

    Customers use their mobiles for almost everything now; to find a location, to get reviews on a place, to order or book something. Micro-moments are those moments which drive a customer to use their mobiles in an impromptu manner. In 2018, it is important for marketers to learn about and capitalize such micro moments; turning it into a profitable business.

    6.      Content strategy and influencer networking:

    In 2018, it is important for existing marketers to try and focus their capitals on influencer networks, rather than try to expand their visibility into new networks. By targeting influencer networks which are already popular with a big customer base, existing marketers can capitalize their strategies and spend less while doing so. The volume of content decreases, visibility increases and companies profit.

    7.      Personalized communications:

    The internet is a big maze, easy to get lost in. Personalized communications are a better way to reach customers; however, this strategy is not cost-effective. Chat-bots are a good alternative to get a level up in this new trend. Chatbots are highly intelligent, customizable and perceptive. Using chat-bots will help give your company a boost as customers will get a personalized experience without your company losing their assets in giving customers this experience.

    These are just a few of the biggest, established digital marketing trends in 2018 that every marketer should be geared up for. While these are not the only trends of 2018, they are the ones which are currently dominating the market. It is important for your company to audit the previous year’s marketing strategies and embrace the new strategies for the year 2018. Keeping pace with these new and ever changing trends will ensure that you stay at the top of the competition this 2018 and do not fall too far behind your competitors.

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