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  • 7 Mistakes to Avoid in Employee Training Programs

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    Whether it is on-boarding training, technical skills development training, compliance training, or any other type of training program, it is crucial for organizations to take proactive steps in educating their workforce. However, while it is important, this does not mean that all training programs reap success. To make it effective, the rest of this post breaks down the most common mistakes to avoid.


    Not Having a Goal


    Before any training program, the management needs to set clear goals and objectives, which will dictate the necessary preparations. The most important is to identify the “why” of the training program that is being developed.


    Making it Boring


    Training can easily bore participants. More than being relevant, it should also be entertaining. The training module should be designed in such a way that it will be fun. Incorporating games is a good way to minimize boredom. It will also be best to break it down into smaller portions that will be easier to digest, such as what True Office Learning does in their training programs.


    Hiring the Wrong Trainer


    A good trainer stimulates the hearts and minds of the participants. It is not enough that you hire a trainer who is competent in his or her field. Find someone who has compassion. The trainer should be approachable and friendly. Otherwise, the participants will feel intimidated. It is also important for the trainer to be patient.


    Rushing the Learning Process


    Speaking of patience, another mistake to avoid in employee training programs is rushing its completion. It is not a race. Especially if the employees are new in the organization, the training needs to be done gradually. If it is rushed, a lot of the essential components can be missed.


    Failure to Know the Audience


    When designing training programs, one of the most important considerations is the audience. The participants in the program will dictate the way the training will be carried out. It involves an assessment of the knowledge and skills of the participants to determine their training needs. The training programs should focus on what the learner needs to know.


    Not Carrying Out an Assessment


    A follow-up to the training program is a must-have. An assessment needs to be carried out to determine if the participants learned and enjoyed the training, which can provide insights on how to improve in the future. Also, constant monitoring of the performance of the training participants is necessary to determine if they are using what they learned.


    Making it a One-Time Event


    Employee training needs to be cyclical and not just a one-time event. They need to be aware of the latest trends in the industry. Their knowledge should be refreshed. They should never cease learning to become valuable assets to the organization.  


    To make employees fuel the growth of your business, train them. However, not all training programs are effective. Avoid the mistakes mentioned above to increase the chances of success.

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