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  • 7 Reasons To Choose Magento Development Services For Your Next Dream Project

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    E-commerce is an essential part of businesses today. Statistics have shown that a large number of people check for goods and services online before they actually purchase them. The number of online transactions has been increasing per year. This presents a great opportunity for all businesses to ensure that they have an online presence to help boost sales and increase their reach. This requires an efficient and seamless IT infrastructure in place that makes it easy for both businesses and customers to operate. Having great software thus makes a lot of sense. Magento is a great example of this. Magento is a content management system framework that packs a punch. It makes e-commerce simpler and easier to manage. It has grown to become one of the most popular e-commerce platforms, and for good reason. Magento has a slew of benefits that make it a platform of choice for many. 



    The following are some great reasons to choose Magento Development Services for your next project:


    1. It is SEO friendly


    SEO or search engine optimization helps websites rank better in the search results based on the content of the website. Magento is SEO friendly, which helps e-commerce websites rank higher and better on search engines, thus getting more organic traffic. Websites which use Magento can be customized to change and alter information such as keywords, meta tags, descriptions and so on. Another thing that makes Magento so appealing is the flexibility of its API which helps users use the plug-ins and applications of their choice with it, thus ensuring a smooth experience. 


    2. It is open source


    Magento is an open-source platform and as a reason thereof, has a dedicated resources community that has several free as well as paid extensions. This will make sure that you can get support readily in the event of any issues with the website. By virtue of being open source, Magento is free and comes in three versions, namely: free, enterprise and hosted. Many of the free extensions and themes help streamline the website and can actually help you bring in more customers and money as a consequence. Because it is open-source it is cost-effective and lowers the cost of building a fully-functional e-commerce website.


    3. It is flexible and customizable


    Businesses are required to stay up to date with the dynamic nature of the e-commerce space and this requires customizable software to stay ahead of the curve. Magento does exactly this. It offers various customization options, making it flexible. The source code can be altered to suit the unique needs and demands of different businesses. Further, the themes available in Magento can be customized to a great extent.  Another important feature is that Magento is highly scalable. It can handle operations for small, medium, as well as large online stores. It does not matter how many products you are selling. With a well-designed Magento website, scaling up your online store will not be an issue. Magento also uses Return Material Authorization (RMA) to accommodate customers in almost all situations.


    4. Great for integration with third-party software


    It is beneficial if the website platform is compatible with third-party software. This allows for services to be integrated smoothly and provide a great experience to the customer. Magento is one of the largest e-commerce applications out there, is compatible with third-party software such as PayPal and Google.


    5. Works on mobile devices


    The use of cell phones for online shopping has increased by leaps and bounds and is set to keep increasing steadily. This makes it important for all businesses to ensure that their websites work on cell phones in a seamless manner. This is where Magento comes to their rescue. It provides a wonderful experience on mobile devices. It is integrated with HTML 5 which makes using it on mobile phones a breeze. Imagine being stuck with a clunky site that takes forever to load and is not simple to use, in the face of ever-increasing competition. That will be a deterrent for all customers and may even cause many to leave your website for another one. Use Magento to prevent that.


    6. Simplifies check out procedure


    Having long-drawn and complicated check out processes can be a time taking and annoying experience for consumers. It may even cause many customers to not complete their purchase and abandon the cart. This makes it important to ensure that your website makes it simple for products to be bought and paid for smoothly and quickly, in the best interests of both your business and the consumer. Magento uses one-step checkout which allows customers to fill in all transaction details and complete all other allied processes on one single page and complete their purchase quickly. This not only saves a lot of time but also makes for a pleasant shopping experience. 


    7. Specifically designed for e-commerce


    Magento was designed particularly as an e-commerce platform. It provides many features, from the basic ones to the more advanced ones, to help in doing business online. It has standard features such as management of inventory, management of suppliers, shipping options and so on. Along with these, it also allows for more advanced options such as sending newsletters, product bundling and so on. This makes it an excellent option for an e-commerce website development and explains why it is preferred by so many. 


    Now that you know what Magento has to offer, it is clear why it is such a popular e-commerce platform. This is definitely a software that you should consider choosing when working on your next dream project. It will help you focus on getting your e-commerce needs taken care of in one place. Given that it is simple to use, works great on mobile devices, is SEO friendly, and open-source, making it a wonderful option for your next project.

    7 Reasons To Choose Magento Development Services For Your Next Dream Project

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