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  • 7 Secret Tips to Compel Your Readers to Click the Share Button Immediately

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    Ever wondered why people visit your blogs but not share it? Well, you may be missing on some points. Yeah, a few secrets to consider and you can convince your reader to reach to that call-to-action button. So without much ado, let’s just explore these secrets and let your readers share your content with their friends.


    Secrets of Writing a Compelling Content to Get the Share Button HIT.!






    Spark Curiosity: The Information Gap



    When writing the content make it a point that your write up intrigues the reader. Each of us is curious heads and when we see something strong coming our way we tend to move towards it.



    Example, the Sherlock Holmes series. Once you start reading, I bet you can not stop mid-way because you too get involved with Mr Holmes and Dr Watson's journey. 



    The other example, 99% of you would definitely click the link that would have something like “You Missed,” “You Didn’t Know,” etc.  






    Counter Argument: Mark the Presence



    Contrary to the obvious belief if you write something that counters attacks the trending topic or some popular belief, you have already convinced half of your readers to click the “Share” button with the title itself. A rebellious thought is always read.



    Example, the popular belief is “Social Media Takes Up a Lot of Your Time.!” A write up on “How Social Media Is Beneficial for Students?” is definitely going to get some hits.  






    Eye-Pleasing Work: Interesting Designs



    Structure your blog in a way that it is not just ordered properly but also looks impressive. The post you are about to publish would get great engagements if it pleases the reader. A study says a lot of readers tend to share the content that has great image quality and impressive format with interesting fonts and flowgraphs get shared more over the normal ones.






    Practical Advice: Much Needed for All



    If you are a blogger sharing life tips, or day-to-day stories then it is advised you write them as some practical advice. Something that is mere words doesn’t interest a lot of people. They may read the articles but sharing becomes questionable. But, if you write the work as if a suggestion they take it with much enthusiasm.



    Example, the title “Good exercises to do in the morning” sounds more like a blank article with the exercises listed, if the same is written as “Exercises to Do in the Morning for a Healthy Start,” people would share this more.    






    Reach the Masters: Incorporate Opinions of Experts



    A solid strategy to keep you upright in the market. Ask the experts of the field, find the data or take excerpts from the interview to include in your work. This would make the content easier to rely on and much interesting to read.  What’s important becomes more important when stated by someone in a better position than us. Just use the trick and let your readers share your content as much as they can. 






    Write Enough: Content-Length Matters



    Another important point to consider. The content length of the post plays an important role when it comes to persuading your writer to hit the share button. A study reveals if your content length is 1500+ it is likely to be shared more than the short content available already.



    So, write long enough to let your reader have the answer to all the queries that you have. 



    Persuade: Ask Them to Share



    You have everything to make your post interesting and share-worthy. The last thing that you need to work on is to compel your reader to share your work. Conclude the work with something that is compelling and interesting enough. 



    You can wind up your work with something that asks the reader to take an action like drop a comment, share the post or write back to us. This would definitely make your reader to reach to that share button that too without wasting a lot of time. 



    The Final Words...



    Writing a share-worthy post may seem difficult, but just a few secret tips and you are there to convince the reader to share your work in just a few minutes. These tips cover almost all aspects of the post. Try some of them or all in your content and let me know if it works in the comment section. 



    Author’s Bio: Henry Wilson is an assignment assistance provider. He has been providing help to students around the world. In his leisure time, he loves to wander around and enjoy his favorite book with some coffee.


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