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  • 7 Social Media Marketing Trends in 2017 for Business Growth

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    How will you be marketing on social media in 2017? If the answer does not include any of the 7 options we are about to list, then you need to get started on a new plan – and fast. The quickest adopters of these ideas will see the best results, and they are sure to be the most effective and popular trends of 2017.


    1. Chatbots


    Chatbots are going to be appearing on online messaging systems in a big way. Facebook messenger is the big early adopter, but Kik is also a thriving playground for bots already. Program your own chatbot to reach out to customers and give them sales information, as well as creating fun games and interactive chats for them to participate in. Build your brand with better interaction.


    2. Personalisation


    When you reach out to customers, you won’t be using the machine-gun approach any more. Every message will be carefully tailored to the individual. Your emails and texts will mention the customer by name, and your marketing efforts will be based on what they have bought, what they need, and what they are interested in. Big data will help you to profile your message properly.


    3. Live feeds


    If you have been on Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat lately, you might be familiar with the concept of live video. Live streaming encourages your fans and followers to tune in there and then, or risk missing out. Use this technique to showcase new product launches, take customers behind the scenes, and demonstrate the use of your products or services.


    4. Immersive content


    Content marketing is starting to feel overdone, which is why you need to take it to the next level. Start with immersive content which takes viewers so much deeper into the experience. Think about 360 video and photo as a starting point. Custom-designed web experiences are going to be a must to fully exploit immersive content, so you might want to commission a designer now if you want to launch before the end of the year.


    5. Longer content


    Twitter has been dying for a long time, and now with the cancellation of Vine, the failing network has made something clear. Consumers want longer-form content with more depth and meaning. If they can access it quickly and don’t have to spend so much time on it, so much the better. Step away from Twitter and think about publishing insightful written pieces on networks like Medium instead. Be sure to dig deep to create something interesting that will become popular on the site for extra exposure.


    6. Inspiration Stuff


    Consumers are looking more and more for inspirational content. Just look at Instagram, where users who upload inspirational quotes as graphics can bag thousands of followers and likes. Use your social media marketing to show off the aspirational and inspirational side of your brand. Have a strong brand voice and exploit it.


    7. Focus


    Rather than putting your message everywhere you can, 2017 is going to be about refinement and survival of the fittest. If a social network is not working for you, then jettison it. Make sure that it points as much as possible to your other networks where you are going to be active. First on the list to go may well be Twitter, which is showing further signs of slowed engagement as time goes on.

    Getting a good following in 2017 is all about hitting the right trends at key moments. Social media managers need to be more awake than ever before, and looking out for that all-important new meme or trend which they can catch a lift on.

    About the Author

    Cindy Parker is the professional writer and Content Specialist. She loves to write about small businesses, education and languages. Currently, she works for Learn to trade - a currency trading education company based in Australia.

    7 Social Media Marketing Trends in 2017 for Business Growth

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