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  • 7 Social Media Tools for Content Marketing Development

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    Content marketing is an online promotion strategy that's extremely popular in today's online business. Marketers choose this approach because of its amazing benefits. With content marketing, you're basically marketing your content and educating your target audience.


    Ultimately, more people will become interested in your content and services and therefore become loyal followers. The people who are following you will usually buy from you. The whole content marketing concept is extremely wide. There are many strategies and ways of approaching the market, and one of the most efficient ones is social media.


    Social media plays a huge role into a content marketing campaign. Perceive social media as the vehicle that transports the information from one side of the world to another. With social media, you get the opportunity to reach an extremely wide audience and therefore improve your brand's awareness.


    If you're smart, you'll use content marketing and social media together, and you'll rip the benefits of this awesome combination. Successful business managers and content marketers understand the importance of leveraging their time. Time is money, and it should be respected properly.


    Because of this need of preserving time, people have started to come up with automation solutions. In the present moment, there are a lot of special and specific social media tools that can help any marketer avoid doing all the time-consuming and complicated actions.


    During today's article, we'll analyze few of the most efficient social media automation tools. These are all supposed to improve the quality and the ROI of your content marketing campaign. Some of them are free, while for some you'll have to pay. Either way, each of the selected tools should allow you to improve some aspects of your campaigns.


    1.  Buffer


    Buffer is a social media automation tool which allows you to develop an automated content posting sequence. The tool works with more social networks, and it can automate the posting, sharing, and the status updating processes. You can integrate all of your social media profiles into this tool, and prepare all of your content for distribution.


    You can add the date and the hour of the auto-posting, and the whole thing will work on its own. If you have enough prepared content, you can even forget about managing your time to distribute it. Let Buffer do that task for you while you're focusing on more important aspects of your marketing campaign.


    2.  Nuzzel


    This social media application is extremely useful in case you need new ideas for your content marketing campaign. Nuzzel is a fresh source of news that makes it easy for the user to get quick access. You can connect your Twitter profile in order to be updated with the latest news from your friends too.


    If you're interested in a particular topic, you can use the search option and get directly to the news thatare relevant to your needs. These updates are particularly useful because they can inspire you, give you new ideas, and maybe even motivate you to take more action.


    3.  Securemysocial


    This software is going to protect your business from more trouble. Information leaks, regulatory violations, reputation damage, and maybe even legal problems can be easily avoided with this tool.


    Your employees are the heart of the company. If their performance is high, the company will do well. But what if your employees are ruining the brand's reputation by maybe talking crap on social media.


    You don't want to stalk your employees, therefore choose to use Securemysocial app in order to keep your business clean


    4.  Babbly


    Babbly is an exceptional platform that allows you to connect with more individuals, and share each other's posts and pages. By sharing someone's post, you get points that will be again exchanged for a share of your page.


    This app can help your content become viral. In case that happens, you can expect a lot of improvements in your brand's awareness and a lot of more sales!


    5.  Hootsuite


    Hootsuite is one of the most popular and complex social media tools. This software allows you to synchronize all of your social media accounts in just one dashboard. From there, you can choose where your content goes. As Buffer, it gives you the possibility to auto-post your content on a consistent basis, without having to do it manually.


    This social media tool oversteps its competition because of its awesome analytics features. With Hootsuite, you can take a look at the most important statistics of your content marketing and social media campaigns. You can track the number of visitors, the engagement rate of your posts, and the overall performance of your campaign.


    6.  Grammarly


    A successful content marketing campaign can never contain grammar and spelling mistakes. If you want your business to look professional, there must be no mistakes. The content that you distribute through your blog and your social media profiles must be impeccable.


    Grammarly is a software that can be implemented in more than one way. Firstly, you can add it to your browser's extensions. The tool will analyze everything you type, and it'll come up with the necessary correction suggestions. Secondly, you can integrate it in your Word processor; this makes it easy to correct the mistakes from your content. Lastly, you can access the software online, just by accessing its online platform.


    7.  Animated images and unique posts


    As a content marketer, you must respect some important rules. One of the most essential ones is the uniqueness of your content. People want to see something new, and so does Google. If your content is spun or duplicated, you'll never be able to drive organic traffic from search engines. That's because they only care about unique content


    Visual elements are also important in any content marketing and social media campaign. People love pictures, videos, and infographics. The visual content is going to make your marketing easier, as people tend to read more articles that contain images and engage with more social media posts that contain images or videos.


    If you want to develop your content marketing campaign but you're not a professional writer, you should definitely outsource this task. For instance, Australian Writings offers professional and unique content for your social media campaigns. They're taking care of more consumer psychology aspects, and they're really good at coming up with amazing content.




    Promoting your content through social media and also automating the whole process could be the best action that you can take in order to ensure the growth of your company. Even if there might be an investment to make, the money will be well worth it.


    Don't forget that the one thing we can't take back is time. Learn to leverage your time, and you'll be able to be more productive and efficient. I'd suggest choosing some of these social media tools and implementing them in your present and future content marketing and social media campaigns.

    7 Social Media Tools for Content Marketing Development

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