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  • 8 Secrets to Successful Content Writing Career

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    A friend of mine posted a question on FindNerd Tech Q&A:

    “I am a trainee content writer, doing my internship with one of the reputed companies in India. Content Writing really fascinates me. I want to learn more. Can someone guide me through the entire Content Writing process? Also, how can I build a content marketing business of my own?”


    Many of the aspiring content writers and marketers who are willing to learn and establish themselves in coming years face the similar situation. The Internet is flooded with the posts that suggest you ways to write well. I'll be doing injustice to fellow content writers if I'll involve myself in sharing the identical tips n tricks or the guidelines. Rather, I'll be sharing the unaccustomed, raw & unheard ways to help you build a successful content writing career.


    So without further ado, let’s proceed with the untold ways to boosting your content marketing strategy.


    Know the industry inside out


    Before you begin, it is advised that you have a first-hand knowledge of your industry. You would be amazed to know how the majority of people get into Content writing business without having a slight idea about basic content writing principles. If you don’t know about branding, communication, promotion, engagement, advertising, research, etc. you won’t last long in the viciously competitive digital marketing industry. Analyze what your audience demands and write with your heart. Consider SWOT analysis before offering any service to the client.


    Improve your Writing skills


    Writing career is full of options. By now, you must have decided upon the domain for which you’ll be creating the content. In order to write well to suit the varied client requirements, you are required to keep your skills razor sharp. You must research & upgrade yourself with the industry specific information, modern trends and content marketing opportunities. Always ensure that the write-ups are meaningful, accurate, error-free and makes sense. Utilize trending topics, associated high ranking keywords, backlinks etc. A plag-free, informative and rich content can surely work wonders.   


    Self-promote and market  


    Now, this holds the key to your success! As a content writer, you must understand the significance of promoting yourself and your content on the internet. Any and every content written should be well promoted on the social media platforms and content syndication websites.Start building a follower base. Let your friends and family know that you have started content writing and plan to build a business around it.


    Jack of all trades and master of ‘one’


    Yeah, you heard me right, I have just fabricated the old adage. But it serves right for the modern marketing Industry. You should have a clear idea and functioning of other Interlinked services like Social Media, SEO, Growth Hacking, bit of coding, etc. On the contrary, your content writing and marketing skills should be invincible. Keep it abreast with the varying industry needs.


    Maintain a Blog or Website


    A writer’s blog or a website offers a platform to showcase online resume, business card, and a portfolio, all rolled in one. It also enables you to showcase your skills, summarize services and encourage a potential customer for a quote.  


    Be Consistent


    Keep calm & carry on, consistency and perseverance are the pillars of growth and long term success. Maintaining a blog page, lets you write freely on the interesting & trendy topics.  Publish 2 blogs a week without compromising quality. Let it get better with time.


    Coordinate & Collaborate  


    Be open to join hands and coordinate with the best brains and like minded professionals of your field. Encourage friends, freelancers, & family members to help you with the fresh content. Freelance marketplace like FindNerd, allows you to coordinate with other professionals to roll each other’s services into one complete package to avail project posted by the customers.  


    Taking criticism positively

    Remember we are humans and we make mistakes. Welcome the brickbats and criticism from the client positively. Analyze the information and utilize it as a guideline for future projects. Always be open for the suggestion and the ideas.


    If you are a professional content developer, feel positive about your choice. You are not only building a brand but offering a high-valued monetary expertise at an unrivaled level of personal service. Good Luck!

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  • Dear


    Thanks for the appreciation. I'm glad that you liked the post.

    Well, great Question! I must say it’s a very deeply conceptualized and a well analyzed query. I have mentioned in the write-up that “As a content writer, you must understand the significance of promoting yourself and your content on the internet.” Both the practices (Self Promotion of yourself as well as your content) are equally important.

    Let me explain how:


    I believe that you can’t showcase his/her writing skills, if you don’t know how to market yourself at first place. Building a strong follower base by letting your friends, family, acquaintances know what you are doing and how you plan to enhance it further has its’ own impact on the product promotions. Once you’ll have a strong repute or an influence among the followers, like-minded individuals & friends, whatever you write or promote becomes the bible of them, they follow and they further promote it.


    As a writer, you are formulating the content for your organization or a client. You might be having a great team of social media experts and SEO guys who would be promoting your content across the channels. But your own efforts are equally important too. You have written the content and you best know where it can be best promoted. Besides, keep this in mind that if you are going to promote your write-up, it will end up promoting you.


    Hope I made my point clear!


    Glad to have a LinkedIn contact here on FindNerd! :)

    Best Regards



  • A really great article and I just found it at the right time too. I'm on the verge of starting a content writing career and I've been wondering how I was going to accomplish it. But with this article feels like a lifesaver. Thanks.
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