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  • 8 Start-Up Mistakes that Business Entrepreneurs Make

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    Having a lot of confidence when launching a start-up is crucial and is also considered a determining factor which defines the future of your business. However, overconfidence often leaves a negative effect especially when you’re new to the business world. Most hopefuls fall into the trap of self-righteousness and become blind to the different aspects of the game where they often fall short. Here are the 8 most common start-up mistakes that Entrepreneurs Make.


    1. Not having a business plan & marketing strategy


    First of all, when launching a business, this should be the first thing you should consider since this will serve as the backbone for your start-up. A good business plan and marketing strategy should cover all areas that your business will affect, and will be affected. Say for instance the basic principle of demand and supply, if you are not aware of which areas of this general principle affects your business, you’d probably won’t even concern yourself on devising a plan B. Other than the above aspects you should also consider appointing experienced employees and together with that you should also give opportunity to the new talented interns to get fresh and innovative ideas for your start-up.


    2. Thinking that you have no direct competitors


    Not thinking about any direct competition is other start-up mistake entrepreneurs always make. Albeit, this is one of the things you should avoid especially regarding launching start-ups. This point is also closely related to the first one in that your business plans and marketing strategies should always consider your competitors to be able to come up with the most efficient plan.


    3. Targeting too small a market


    The fluctuation of prices in the market is the big reason why targeting small markets when launching a start-up is a big mistake. You’ll never know if your small market can get you through when times get tough. On the contrary, opting for a bigger market will always give you bigger margin which is enough to let you play with the prices when needed in order to survive.


    4. Not spending enough money or spending too much money


    Most people often think about holding off when it’s time to spend or the other way around. Business is strictly all about how letting your money work for you. Hence, you need to think twice and spend your money when needed. If you’d like your business to survive, then invest on quality products as early as now.


    5. Thinking you can do it all by yourself


    When launching a start-up, especially with new products, most entrepreneurs would often think that since you created your product, you should be knowledgeable in every respect. Well, truth be told, it is always better to get a companion, a second brain who’ll work with you when facing tough decisions.


    6. Asking too many people for advice


    As an opposite of the point above, some entrepreneurs do seek the advice and wisdom of others when it comes to business. The problem is, when taking this to the extreme, you become bombarded with different ideas and you end up not doing anything right at all. To make sure everything is in order, listen only to experts to avoid confusion.


    7. Not setting attainable goals


    New entrepreneurs often set their goal unrealistically high. They would like their profit to soar high in their first launch. There is no problem with this mindset, but most of those who do it often end up being frustrated. Set high targets, but make sure it is attainable. Consider each cost you dedicate for it and the type of market you are launching your products.


    8.  Overpaying for customers


    Having to spend some of your budgets to lure customers in is a very common strategy among business enthusiasts. However, you should always put your budget to the right level. Most start-up entrepreneurs often tend to overpay for customers and end up using a large amount of their budget allocation which should have been for other stuff. Avoid this as much as possible if you want your business to survive.

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  • Thanks for the useful tips! I agree, there are many mistakes made by start uppers. Many of them think that they can do everything themselves and fully rely on their intuition. However, it’s necessary to have a detailed business plan and know exactly how to develop your business. Also, it’s very important to find your niche and know how your clients are! In addition, one of the most important questions is funding and tools like BusinessLoanGate can help with that. Also, there are many ways to get a business loan today.

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