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  • What it Takes to Start a Successful Tech Company in 2019

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    The proliferation of tech startup success stories in recent years has inspired many entrepreneurs to take their chance at becoming the next Google or Tesla. However, just because tech is currently a thriving industry, it doesnt mean that its exempt from the usual challenges that come with starting a business.


    Many aspiring entrepreneurs end up diving into their venture without a proper plan. These failed attempts are usually overshadowed by the successes you see in the media, which can give a sense of false hope. In most cases, the biggest reason for their downfall was exactly that, a lack of planning. 


    With a well thought-out plan, you can accurately determine the best step forward throughout each stage of the process. Thats why weve put together a list of pointers on what you need to start a successful tech company in 2019. Apart from this some of the digital marketing tips could also help to achieve your goals.


    A Marketable Product

    Imagine spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on researching, designing and developing a product, only for it to flop when it hits the market? This has been an unfortunate reality for many tech startups. But there is a simple way to avoid this, which is to start selling your product to potential customers before you make it.


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    This will not only help you gauge how well itll perform in terms of sales, but also afford you the necessary funding to produce the product in the first place. This is essentially like taking pre-orders for your product. Another benefit is that you can refine the product through customer feedback in order to make it as marketable as possible.


    Business Knowledge

    If youre getting into the tech industry, chances are that you know a lot about it. But how much do you know about business? Starting any business venture naturally requires a deep understanding of how the business world works and perhaps some experience as well. 


    It also requires capital or at the very least, youll get much further if you have some funding to put to use. It would then be wise to take the approach of slowly materializing your business idea while studying a relevant subject and/or working to get some money together. 


    For example, you can take this online masters program in Boston, which will afford you the business knowledge and expertise to help you start your business, while also giving you the necessary qualifications to fall back on to a well-paying job if you need more time. 


    A Strong Digital Presence

    When starting off, your business and product will be known to a very small number of people. You also might lack the necessary funding to develop a full-blown marketing strategy. This is why its important to build a strong digital presence. 


    Establish your website and optimize it to perfection. Open social media accounts, post YouTube videos advertising your product, start an informative blog about your industry the list goes on. There are many cost-free ways to market your product and get people interested.



    With the right idea and enough determination, your tech company will succeed. It all comes down to having a solid plan.

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