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  • 8 Tips and Tricks to Sell Online Courses on Social Media

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    People have gotten used to the new ways of selling courses and that is online. Social Media plays a pivot role in getting you more buyers for your online courses which you had toiled hard to accomplish. The task doesn’t lie in the situation when you are preparing the course but it lies in the online selling of the course and that too on Social Media. You are reading this because you have tried and tested every possible way and haven’t been able to sell your course successfully. You are at the right place as you will read the tips and tricks to master the art of selling online courses on Social Media platforms.


    Marketing is the first and the most important step towards getting audience and buyers for your project. While we are busy making the course, we may not have the time to strategize the selling process; however, the task of making sales can be done later.


    Tips and Tricks to sell online courses on Social Media

    • Profiling: When you set up your profile on social media platforms, ensure that you have the coolest profile of all. It should be attractive and captivating so that students can relate to your profile and start interacting with you. Also, ensure that the introductory paragraph is quite student and subject centric so that you sound genuine and more students start banking on you for the online tutor profile & courses.

    • Course for the Masses: When you create a course online, you should know if the course is in demand or not. You should be able to cater to the needs of the students who have been looking for a particular course for a long time. You can also decide on creating the content that is appealing and more popular among the students. If they like X and you create Y, how will it sell?

    • Title Should Have the Highest Ranking Keywords: Every course should have a title and that title can’t be vague or with keywords that are not ranking better. You need to do a good research on the internet about the highest ranking keywords pertaining to the subject so that when someone looks for a course in the related field, your course should appear on the top. This way, more and more students will stumble upon you designed course. Isn’t this what you have been looking for?

    • Blog: People love reading blogs. You can start your own blog. This process should have begun at the time when you had been planning to create the course. An early start could fetch you better traffic and this way, when you add a link to your online course, there is more probability of people clicking on the link and having a look into the content. By the time, you have completed creating the course, you will have more traffic and that increases the chances of getting more students interested in the course.

    • Free Trials: Everyone likes to try things for free. Your course can do the same magic of attracting people and getting them on board later once they start trusting you. It is believed that once people try, 90% of the people take the full course. If that’s possible, it is important to start free trials for interested students. The free trial should not last for less than a week.

    • Start a Webinar: You must have heard about many tutors and inspiration speakers having started their webinar. As everyone likes the digital way of learning, a webinar to help students understand what your course outline contains can be a lot more beneficial for you. Sitting at the comfort of their home, students can take the opportunity of learning about the course.

    • Publish Book Online: Having a book online or in print can go a long way in grabbing you the popularity that you have been waiting for. This acts like icing on the cake. Once you have been recognized as a reputed writer, your efforts in creating your online course will be rewarded sooner than anticipated.

    • Interact through Social Media Sites: Although you are established as a writer, don’t stop interacting with your audience. This will help you maintain the quality of your interaction and get you more popular among the followers and fans. This way, you will have a better impact on the audience. With popularity, you automatically make way to sell your courses online.


    Following these tips and tricks, no more will you ever struggle to sell your courses online. On top of this all, you can take some of the best sales training courses online that will help you make sure you get the best ROI possible. Still, social media is welcoming if you have the best strategies applied and the above mentioned are the top strategies to follow. Try them and see the result showing in the next couple of days or a few months. Keep your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other Social Media profile updated every time you think there is a need to.

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