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  • Add nested portlets through code in liferay

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    Hello Guys

    We can add nested portlets through code in liferay. Liferay provide this funcationlity, for complete example I will assume that you want to add nested portlet to current page using another portlets action handler.

    Add these methods to your code :

    private static String addPortlet(final long p_userId, final Layout p_layout, final String p_portletId, final String p_columnId, final int p_position, final boolean p_checkPermission)
                    throws PortalException, SystemException
        if (p_layout.isTypePortlet()) {
            final LayoutTypePortlet layoutTypePortlet = (LayoutTypePortlet) p_layout.getLayoutType();
            final String portletId = layoutTypePortlet.addPortletId(p_userId, p_portletId, p_columnId, p_position, p_checkPermission);
            if (portletId != null) {
                final String rootPortletId = PortletConstants.getRootPortletId(portletId);
                final String portletPrimaryKey = PortletPermissionUtil.getPrimaryKey(p_layout.getPlid(), portletId);
                ResourceLocalServiceUtil.addResources(p_layout.getCompanyId(), p_layout.getGroupId(), 0, rootPortletId, portletPrimaryKey, true, true, true);
                LayoutLocalServiceUtil.updateLayout(p_layout.getGroupId(), p_layout.isPrivateLayout(), p_layout.getLayoutId(), p_layout.getTypeSettings());
            return portletId;
        return null;
    private static void addNestedPortlet(final PortletRequest p_request) throws PortalException, SystemException {
        final ThemeDisplay themeDisplay = (ThemeDisplay) p_request.getAttribute(WebKeys.THEME_DISPLAY);
        final Layout layout = themeDisplay.getLayout();
        long userId = themeDisplay.getUserId();
        //create nested portlet and add it to "column-1"
        final String nestedPortletId = addPortlet(userId, layout, "118", "column-1", -1, false);
        //this will be used to target nested portlet's columns
        final String nestedColumnPrefix = "_" + nestedPortletId + "__";
        //default page layout (used by nested portlet) has two columns
        //we'll add two portlets (in this example two iframe portlets), one portlet to each column
        addPortlet(userId, layout, "48", nestedColumnPrefix + "column-1", -1, false);
        addPortlet(userId, layout, "48", nestedColumnPrefix + "column-2", -1, false);

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