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  • Adding card with braintree

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    Hi All ,

    These are simple steps to add card to braintree account in iOS.

    1.Initialize braintree object with valid client token.

        BTAPIClient *token = [[BTAPIClient alloc] initWithAuthorization:@"cleintToken received from tree"];
        BTCardClient *client = [[BTCardClient alloc]initWithAPIClient:token];

    2.Initialize BTCard object with information like :-

     BTCard *request = [BTCard new];
        request.number = _cardNumberTF.text;    //textfield text
        request.expirationMonth = _monthTF.text;   //textfield text
        request.expirationYear =  _yearTF.text;   //textfield text
        request.cvv = _cvvTF.text;  //textfield text
        if (![Utility checkForEmptyString:_zipTF.text]) {
            request.postalCode = _zipTF.text;    //textfield text

    3.Call braintree api to register card and to get nounce

    [client tokenizeCard:request
                      completion:^(BTCardNonce * _Nullable tokenizedCard, NSError * _Nullable error) {
                          if (error) {
                              [Utility showErrorDropDown:self.view title:@"REQUEST FAILED" message:error.description];
                              return ;

    If you get nonce in above call then card is verified by braintree then you send this nonce to backend , so that then call braintree rest api to add card to customer account.

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