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  • Angular CLI Application - Introduction, Installation & Creation

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    The Angular CLI is an essential tool used in JavaScript that helps to initialize, develop, structure and maintain Angular applications. In Angular CLI, CLI stands for Common Line Interface. In other words, Angular CLI is a common Line Interface that enables JavaScript developers to scaffold and develop angular apps with the help of node.js style or common.js modules.  Its ultimate features support high-quality codes that make coding easy and fast. Hence, the use of Angular CLI boosts up the efficiency as well as improves performance. Web developers are advised to conduct coding practice tests to keep a check on their performance. A regular visit to platforms for practice coding will help programmers to update themselves with new coding techniques and enhance their skills accordingly.

    Installation of Angular CLI

    Before installing Angular CLI, make sure you have node.js 6.9.0 version or above installed in your system. In case, you already have node.js installed, verify its version.

    Angular CLI Installation is an easy task that can be completed in just one step. Run the following command and you will be authorized to use it:

    $ npm install -g @angular/cli

    Create a new Angular Application with CLI

    After successful installation of Angular CLI, web developers now can begin creating the new project, components, and services with the help of ng commands. The JavaScript programmers can start to build the app. It is very easy to create a new Angular project by just executing the following command:

    ng new myproject

    Once this command will run, it will take few minutes to automatically create a new directory called “node.js_module” with various files and required dependencies to scaffold and build the new Angular project.

    Other commands to generate different parts of the Angular project

    Here is a list of some commands that are used in various parts while developing an Angular project

    • ng serve - builds and bundles your Angular application automatically.
    • ng generate - create a new component, Directive, Services, Module, Class, Route etc.
    • ng lint-  lint the app code i.e. improves the quality of the code and make it short.
    • ng test- enables to run KARMA test.
    • ng build-  build new project files in a folder.
    • ng doc- opens official Angular API documentation
    • ng update- update Angular application to the latest version.


    Angular team has set new milestone with the innovation of Angular CLI. It has made life easy for JavaScript coder by approving a simple method to create a new Angular application as well as enables developers to add unique features to the existing apps. So, it is a simple and fast process to learn and can be quickly mastered by online coding practice platforms.

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