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  • Benefits of Simplicity

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    A Flat design is something with a brilliant, precise and minimal color use. These designs are crisp, stripping off the 3D look. Based on the simplicity principle embracing minimal functionality and color use, irrespective of the gradient and the shadow effect.

    A flat design looks friendly and approachable to users. But it does this by presenting a clear and engaging interface. It is easily adaptable to usability considerations. By discarding unnecessary styling, it makes for speedier pages, cleaner code, and easy adaptability. It also lends itself beautifully to every type of application; whether viewed on a desktop or a mobile screen, flat design is always legible and adaptable. Some important points of the flat UI to be kept on tips :

    - It scales well to small screens.

    - A clear and crisp perspective

    - Icons are uncluttered and big--easy to identify.

    - Simple and beautiful

    - Colorful and lively

    - Attractive and eye catchy

    - Clean and Modern

    - Less hassle with older browsers

    Microsoft was one of the first to apply this design style to its interface which apple enhanced by its IOS 7 interface. However, just because it lacks any flashy design doesnt mean this style is boring. Bright, contrasting colors make illustrations easily grab attention, and guide the users eye.


    1. All elements must centered to simplicity.
    2. Illustrative details and vivid colors.
    3. Irrespective of gradients & shadows.

    Overall, a flat design dramatically speeds up the workflow of exporting assets and transforming layer styles into CSS & can really speed up a designers & developers workflow and make work easier!

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