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  • Differences Between UI and UX Design in APP Development

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    Before now, UI and UX used to share virtually the same significance but with the introduction of mobile app development there now seems to be a pure distinction between them. It may interest you to know that whenever matters concerning these two entities are brought up, they usually cause the design community to go into quite a stir. When it comes to stating the differences between UI and UX design, it is important to understand the complications and misconceptions involves.


    Come to think about it, many top app development companies in Atlanta are paying employees who work at jobs with titles such as “Interaction Designer” just because they typically know how to harness a little of both UI and UX. These so called professionals are not getting paid because they specialize in UI or UX but because they know and act on the differences between the two fields. The principles of UI/UX design apart, there obviously seems to be more differences in the professionals involved than the profession itself.


    What’s UI/UX design?

    You can’t just discuss UI/UX design without a having a standardized definition of what they represent. User Interface (UI) design is basically concerned with the overall look of the site or an app. It is that part of the product that the user sees when looking at it. User Experience (UI), as its name implies, is concerned with the experience of the user when using the product. Also known as the “broad scope,” it basically has to do with the feeling of the user when looking at the site.


    Consider a surfboard gliding through water smoothly or a drill going through the wood, that’s what good user experience is all about. Seeing that they work very simply gives the user an unparalleled feeling. A good user interface is the surf wax placed on top of that board to prevent the user from slipping off and it is also that shape the board takes so it can make those seamless turns on the wave. What makes a product have good UX is the entire package itself while the inner-element of that is important to making a good UI.


    So, think of UI/UX design as saddled horse prepared to be ridden. While the UI can be likened to the reigns, the stirrups, and the saddle, the UX, on its part, is basically the feeling the rider can be able to get.


    Just an overview

    People working in UI and UX have to be able to think both critically and creatively on a daily basis. This is because there are so many things involved. Consider User Experience design alone, it entails, human-computer interaction, sound design, human factors, industrial design, architecture, information architecture, content, visual design and so on. Like the surfboard, there are indeed mainly related design processes to physical products. So, if you are a bit confused thus-far, you don’t need to be thrown off.


    UX/UI design is obviously a bit of a confusing topic due to its heavily dissected system. it’s kind of confusing and challenging to many people because the larger view of one is made up of little pieces of the other. They are more or less closely related than they appear. So, if you seem confused don’t feel let down because even designers do experience a hard time figuring them out.


    How UX/UI design relates

    Now, try to convert those ideas already spoken about earlier on into the mobile or web spaces. While the UI will include a series of menus and buttons and how they appear, UX would simply be concerned with how they relate to the user’s needs or expectations. Basically, any user will expect a button to physically press down when they perform a “click” action. After all, it is so satisfying to have the button pressed down and then have a responsive action in return. These are what designers required to do.


    Users often feel so disappointed at the design or designer of a product, when they come across a site or an app with nice beautiful button itching to be clicked on that fail to insert into the page when they click on them. Just so you know, a good user experience goes beyond clicking buttons on a site. At any given point in time, it is good o know that there are several factors that influence the way users feel on a website.


    Is a user’s feels on a 2D website important in any way? Based on all the talk regarding UX and interaction, it has been argued over and over again. of course, it is very important particularly if you are looking to get your users do pretty much anything, you are trying to get them spread your message, you are trying to get them listen to you, or you are trying to get them understand you.


    Designing for emotion

    Think about how important a designer’s job can be in making an entire project a no-brainer. In case you do not know, users often get really emotionally about design. Designers can really create an entire emotion around a product and they even do more than just create a beautiful ambiance around things. A designer should be one of the most important professionals on your team. While the individual section of a web or an app can be seen as the UI, the entire product is the UX.


    Even among the UI team, a UX designer can effectively become the creative director. When working on a mobile or web project, you will surely need to have an established team of designers. However, those who are capable of identifying the creative vision must work closely with the founding team to bring it to reality. While anyone can take up the role of becoming a UI or UX designer, it is important to know that no one can be a UI and also a UX professional at the same time.


    As a matter of fact, the role of a User Interface designer cannot be overemphasized. From inception to completion, these professionals should always make themselves available. Any project carried out without them often turns out to be weird, lacking emotion.


    If you are looking to create something beautiful that will turn out to be a delight to use, then must hire web designers. UI is a very resourceful tool that you will surely be needing to develop a seamless product. Even if you consider UX to be a very important tool for your project, choosing the appropriate UI designer for the job will go a long way in bringing about a reliable product that every of your users will be interested in.

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  • Nice post. UI/UX design is vital for any website development. To improve designing you must keep exploring with new projects at hand and also by hiring other UI/UX designers. It is essential to know the secrets of making your UI/UX design look amazing. 
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