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  • Best Practices used in Game Development

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    Writing simple games in HTML5 is easy, but you need to do certain things to make sure that your game runs smoothly. Here are some of the best practices for building HTML5 Games.

    #1: Use a Framework When using lot of images, sound effects and other resources, it will take some time for your browser to download it all from your web server because Images and Sound files are loaded asynchronously, so your code will start executing before all of your resources have been loaded. This often results in popping (images appearing out of the blue), and in sound effects not playing when they should. A solution for this is to create a Preloader that defers script execution until all resources have been downloaded.

    Another problem youll likely run into is that different browsers will run your game at different speeds.Hence, you should make sure that animation and movement speeds are independent of the frame rate your game is running at.

    Essentially, theres a LOT of code that every game needs in order to function properly. But, you dont have to write all of this code yourself. There are now a variety of Frameworks that allow you to focus on your game logic without having to worry about all the little things necessary to make your game run smoothly.

    #2: Consider small- and touch-screen devices Different devices have different screen sizes and therefore differ in screen resolutions and aspect ratios. If you want your HTML5 games to work well on mobile devices, you should make sure they either support multiple resolutions or dont exceed the WVGA frame size of 800x480.

    Most touch-only devices have a virtual keyboard, but they tend to take up too much screen space. So, you should build a limited virtual keyboard with only the buttons you need for your game (e.g. the arrow keys).However, its best to be creative with alternative means of controlling your game that dont require additional on-screen elements.

    #3: Automatically save the players progress Accidentally the player can close the game which they have been playing for eight hours, especially when multiple tabs are involved or batteries run out therefore, when writing HTML5 games, the players progress should be saved regularly and allow players to resume their game when returning to a web page theyd closed.You can keep track of players progress in HTML5 DOM storage. DOM storage lets you save several megabytes of data per website through an interface.

    #4: Use a profiler High frame rates should be maintained as we add more features to a game. The performance should be made better by using a profiler.

    #5: Be creative! Browsers exist on many different devices, and people use them to connect with each other via email, chat and social networking. So build games as a browser game developer that brings people together from all over the world.

    #6:If players try free to play game, you should showcase the fun and interesting parts of your game. You have to make sure they don't leave after 2 or 3 minutes.

    #7:Also keep checking and improving the pipeline, making sure nobody in the team will need to wait for other people if they want to see their latest asset in the game.

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