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  • Beyond Budget Spending: What Really Matters in PPC or SEM Campaigns?

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    "Let imagine If Airplane is Google, Then seats could be your Ads placement & booking site are the platform to sell your ad position"

    Google Ads is an online advertising platform by Google, which helps Advertisers to display their ads on the Google search engine Result page (SERP).  Google 40% revenue generated from Google AdWords, Simply Google is running a business & they would be charged because we are using their platform to promote our product & services. 


    Google received over 63,000 searches in per minute on a day,  Its huge market right.   


    We don't want to miss it!


    Let quickly discussed how does Googles Adwords work:


    Adwords is a high powered auction market, It will run on two-part  Auction & Bidding.


    Think about we are in the live auction, were the Government wants to build a Highway so there are some construction companies attending an auction seminar with their design & Budget, the Best project would win the battle.   In the same way, Google AdWords has been run the action.


    In Google auction, the marketer wants to grab the placement in SERP page & that's the reason advertisers are throwing a dollar to google to show them in 1-10 scale to get High CTR (Click through Rate).  Higher CTR means an increase in sale. 


    I hope you got a little bit idea about how does google Auction work.  Now will jump to our topic i.e does Google only consider money or Bid to show the ads On top of the Serch engine result page? 


    The answer is "no", Beside bids Google consider follow some parameters i.e follow:


    1.  Quality score:  

    Quality score is rating set by Google in 1-10 scale, High-quality score caused your Ad would appear on top of the page.


    The quality score reflects your Keyword quality, relevance, Ad & past user experience. what factors should we consider to improve quality score:   


    Keyword research: Generate new keyword by using google keyword planner, or else you can analyze competitors keywords which currently ranking on SERP by using Tools. 


    2.  Landing Page Experience: 

    Make sure your most important keyword should be present on your page. It provides a better user experience to engage with it & spend more time on your page.


    3. Ad copy:

    Once you have done with keyword research, Google has set up rules to while an ad copy.

    •      Headline 1    30 characters
    •      Headline 2    30 characters
    •      Headline 3    30 characters
    •      Description 1    90 characters
    •      Description 2    90 characters
    •      Path (2)    15 characters each 


    Make sure your following Adwords rules to prevent penalizing in SERP.


    4.  Ad rank:

    Ad rank determines what would be the position of your ad on SERP.  How Google determines your ad rank he does follow a simple formula & i.e  


                                                          Ad rank = Your Bid × Quality score


    5.  Content & Keyword;

    The most essential factor not only in PPC marketing but also in all aspects of digital marketing so doesn't matter your working on SEO, Social Media or Content Marketing.  Content & Keywords are actionable phrases that make a user click to click on it & went our your website.  These are the following parameters you should be considered:

         1.  write a hook that grabs attention

         2.  Use Figures on heading tag ( eg. 5 techniques to increase the engagement)

         3.  Include the most important keyword

         4. ask a question to people comment on it (Tip: Google give importance comment than likes)

         5. Use Simple Language to make the user better understand.


    I hope Above article help you to grow your business Digitally & create your online presence to Get more ROI. To achieve this you can approach a Web Development & Digital Marketing company whose experienced team can help you with your project.


    If you found any interesting in the article please do comment & suggestion for me or anyone to Gain knowledge.

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