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  • Branding: How Do You Kick Things Off With A Facebook Page?

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    Who doesn’t know what Facebook is. After all, the social media giant has allowed us all for years to share with our friends and loved ones special moments of life on day to day basis. However, if we look at the bigger picture, we will find that Facebook is not restricted only to posting and sharing photos and videos. Instead, it offers businesses a unique opportunity to build a community in order to create brand awareness and establish a strong relationship with existing and prospective customers.


    You can, without a doubt, bring tremendous possibilities and opportunities to your business by creating a Facebook fan page, which is a profile for a business or organization, not for an individual.


    Given the fact that there are more than 1.65 bn monthly active Facebook users and over 900 mn daily active users, the opportunity is really big for marketers to use the social network juggernaut to increase brand value and business sales by many folds. Once you create a Facebook fan page, the next important step is to employ highly effective techniques to drive traffic to your website via your Facebook fan page.

    Top Tips to Attract Traffic to Your Website Through Your Facebook Fan Page


    • Promote your Facebook page on other social networks.

    • Send emails to subscribers to increase engagement on your Facebook page.

    • Display your Facebook Page and some of its posts directly on your blog, like Wordpress.

    • Ask customers to write reviews on products they have purchased from you, since many people trust what others say about your products.

    • Share information related to deals, discount, offers that people want to pass on to their friends so that they also join in to avail lucrative offers.

    • Content sharing on niche Facebook groups to attract thousands of eyeballs to your Facebook page.

    • Create your own group related to your brand theme and invite relevant people to join it.

    • Post on your Facebook page multiple times a day.

    • Derive significant measures by analyzing Facebook Page Insights.

    • Invest in Facebook ads.


    High traffic on the Facebook fan pag translates into brand establishment for your business and increased rate of conversions. One of many advantages of creating a Facebook page is it can be accessed by anyone without even needing to be logged in, which is not the case with Facebook’s personal profiles since they are member-only accessible.

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    If the content you are posting on your Facebook page sounds interesting to visitors, they will begin liking your page. Well, it may take you by surprise that a like for your Facebook page is worth $174.17 to your brand. Such is the contribution of a Page-like in brand building for your business. It’s also true that a Facebook fan is more likely to buy products or services from the brands that give rise to engagement on their respective Facebook fan pages than non-fans. Besides, they are the ones who spend more within the brand’s sector.


    Another common characteristic of Facebook fans is that they do not shy away from sharing their good brand experiences with their friends on Facebook or other social media sites. The Takeaway - Facebook page opens gates to draw more traffic via visitors singing the virtues of your brand to their knowns.

    How many Facebook users find brand Facebook page useful?


    Findings of a study show that 90% of Facebook users like at least one brand and 50% are of the belief that a brand Facebook page is more informative and useful than the company website. Sixty nine percent users said that they liked a brand because a friend in their network ID did that first.


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    Likes and comments on Facebook fan page have social influence on others, which in turn soars traffic on your website and further increases the brand value. Coca Cola comes at the top when it comes to the highest number of fans on the social media giant, with staggering 94,035,545 fans. Creating a Facebook page for your business paves the way for lead generation, customer engagement and rise in business sales.


    5 Successful Brand Facebook Page Case studies - Not To Be Missed


    I hope this blog has helped you understand how a Facebook page becomes a boon to your business. If you want to add more to the benefits of Facebook fan page, please share your views in the comment box below.



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